Zwift Academy Baseline isn’t found in my workouts/scheduled events after signing up in Companion App

I signed up for the Baseline ride in Companion App but it isn’t showing up as an option when I get on my computer and want to start the ride. Anyone else have this problem and do you have a solution. I’ve restarted my computer. Closed and opened the app on computer with no success.

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Hi @Nate_Luckey, welcome to the forums.

Try opening up companion app, click on the event you are registered for and de-select the green check mark, essentially un-registering for the event. Then re-register for it and see if it shows up in the game. This sometimes helps if there is a glitch in the matrix.

Hope that helps solve the issue!

I tried that too and signed up for another slot. I ended up just having to use Zwift through my phone. Thank you for the response Mike.

Using the Android zwift Companions phone app I signed up for baseline ride but it does not show up in my scheduled events in the Android zwift app, and I’m unable to join.

Hey all - we’re looking into this issue. For those reporting in - please confirm:

  • What OS platform you’re using to run the Zwift game app
  • Which version of the Zwift game app. Version 1.29.0 dropped earlier today. If you know for certain that your app updated today - please let us know that.

Same issue here. Using an Apple TV and couldn’t find a single Academy Ride Event on my phone either. Just missed the ride.

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I use a non Apple computer. I used my iPhone to get the workout done today though due to the problem. Note the completed workout isn’t registering as completed and I haven’t gotten my results.

Same here. Using the Apple TV and both iPhones, I cannot see any road academy rides on the Zwift app but can sign up for them on the companion app.