ZA baseline not updating in profile

I just did the baseline test albeit the wrong category but completed it and its not appeared as a completed workout, anyone else with same issue? Hoping I dont have to do it again :see_no_evil:

Try force closing the companion app and restarting it.

Any joy. Im in the same category. Wont show the baseline workout as compeleted

I am having the same issue. Have tried restarting Zwift and Companion app without success. The Baseline event appears in my activities but does not appear as completed in the Zwift Academy status. Any other suggestions?

No joy restarted app and iPad :pensive:

No joy :roll_eyes:

AWS issues causing Zwift login/sync issues.

Mine has loaded now but has not saved the activity properly and as result wont sync to strava. Apple tv so cant take the fit.file. at least it has saved and dont have to do it again

Did my baseline test on the 1st Sep. still isn’t showing as completed…