ZA 2020 Incorrect Completion Status

On my second to last ZA 2020 event (Friday 10/23), the Companion App counted the Race (2 of 4) but didn’t update the total completion percentage. 50% of the workouts show completed, but the Companion App displays only “41% complete”. Plus, the socks icon is highlighted to I assume show I’ve received the socks, but I never received them in-game (I even restarted Zwift to see if they were awarded during the next session with no luck).

The Zwift App itself shows 1 of 4 races completed even though I’ve completed 2 as noted in the Companion App view.

I have screenshots to post, but the web interface prevents me from displaying them. I guess I need to post more before I’m allowed to embed screenshots.

Anyone else have this issue and a possible resolution?


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I’ll chime in just to say that I’m experiencing a similar thing - did my last group ride for ZA on Monday night; the web dashboard shows 100% completion, but the iOS and Mac apps show that I’m missing one event (now two days later).

Hope there’s a resolution incoming!


Myself - Companion shows 8/8 and 4/4 but only 91% complete and also missing one race/group ride.

No response from Zwift yet so we will have to see…


Same with me, it didn’t seem to have credited Race #2 for me. The companion app shows 3/4 but the percentage doesn’t match and the game shows 2/4. No response from Zwift support either


Thanks everyone for the responses. I see others are having this issue as well. Laurent, for me Race #2 also wasn’t credited. Hopefully Zwift will come up with a fix. Congratulations Paul and Andy on completing ZA 2020!

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Same issue here.
All my workouts (so far) have counted but yesterday’s group ride hasn’t been included and race #1 hasn’t been counted (but the first group ride I did has been included).

All the activities show up in companion, although for race #1 my name doesn’t show up on the results board even though I finished.

I contacted support yesterday about it but I haven’t heard anything back.

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Same problem for me, race #2 last week shows up here, but not on the Zwift app on the PC.

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I have a similar problem.
The Companion app shows me having completed 6/8 workouts, but Zwift on PC shows 5/8 which is correct.

Same here. Did a race, it shows among activities in Companion and in the website, however is not included in the count (it shows 0/4)…

Hey everyone - we’re working on fixing the discrepancy between the tracker on the Companion app and webpage.

The web page tracker is the one that should accurately reflect what you’ve completed.

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Hi there! This seems like it’s still an issue. I’ve done all workouts/rides, but shows as only 91% complete on companion app, and it didn’t unlock the paint job when logging into Zwift. Any updates? Thanks in advance!

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Hi all, I’ve also completed all 8 ZA academy sessions and 4 group rides/races but its only showing as 91% in the companion app. Zwift app on my ipad is only showing as 3 of the 4 group rides being complete which is in correct. Any ideas on how to sort?

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If you haven’t had your ride credited, please email me with your Zwift ID, the type of ZA event and the date you completed and I request your missing ride to be credited. How to find your Zwift ID:


Sam, I’m not sure which of the 3 group rides vs the race was not counted. The icons updated and shows 4/4 for group rides and races, and workouts 8/8, but progress bar reads 91% and numbers indicate 3/4 and 8/8. Running out of time to do an extra race / ride. That said, don’t think I should have to get up at 02:30 to complete a 5th??