ZA WO7 - VO2 Development - When? :)

I noticed, that I can already sign up for WO8, but I could not schedule WO7 so far. Did I horribly miss the chance, or is it still coming to be on the books?

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You can do all the workouts anytime on your own, just select it from the workout menu.

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Thank you Gerrie!

1 Like shows many opportunities to do WO#7 through and including Wednesday.

In reviewing the deets at Zwifthacks it looks like the group WO#7 is available every three hours through Wednesday.


Indeed going to zwifthacks worked and I could sign on to the event. I couldn’t do this via the academy pages though, where the message was, that the training is unavailable. Thanks for the help!

Hi Tomasz, am I right in thinking you went to the Zwift Academy Dashboard and tried to plan your ride through the blue “Plan your workout” option? At first I thought it was just me but I think this option seems to have been broken for a few weeks and is confusing lots of people.

Please could you confirm if this is correct, and if scrolling down to the black “Zwift Academy Events Calendar” at the bottom of the page works better?

Hi Paul, that is correct, I tried to select the workout through the card in “Plan your workout”. What was interesting, I could schedule WO 8 without any problem, but WO 7 seemed to not be available.

I honestly didn’t scroll down to the black events section at the bottom of the page. Now that you mentioned it, I scrolled further down and see the events listed, also the WO7 and schedule it. I guess I never reached that far, as I got used to just going through training cards and that section is so low at the bottom of the page. User habits I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks Tomasz, you’ve confirmed what I thought - it’s a really simple flaw in the way the ZA web page is laid out, making it confusing for many people. It’s frustrating, and I’m sure it’s stopped many people doing ZA events.

Does anyone know the best way to get the attention of Zwift’s web team on here, as this should be a problem they could fix pretty easily?