Women's WO#2 is messed up

ZA WO#2 for women isn’t programmed right. It’s showing 1-3s sprints and 2-8s free rides. It’s like some one divides men’s workout by 10 in time . Please fix this before Thursday! Thank you

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I did it from the workout tab yesterday. Ignore the visual it’s coded right when you execute . They do free ride and a bunch of cool elements but you can’t see until you are in the ride … word from the wise don’t downshift too quickly after the free rides and pay attention to when the free ride block begins on the 3rd one not the comments …

Nope didn’t work for me, went through the workout and it ended after 4mins39 seconds, all the text intervals came up very quickly filling the screen at. Tried at a second WO2 a couple of hours later and also restarted/logged out/cancelled reinstated attendance. A number of other riders were also stopped after 4mins39 with the workout saying it was finished as the rest of the group continued

Same here! Carried on and completed 3 laps of volcano circuit and I got 11 out of 12 stars and a workout complete! This was the 11am UK time workout. Will try it again on Saturday.