More Events

(Bhaltair Gruamach) #1

Maybe this is more a factor of the time of year, but I often can’t find a suitable event to ride.  This is not the end of the world - I can always just ride, or do an individual workout.  But Zwift appears to be focused on the social aspects of riding and group events would seem to be central to that.

My window of opportunity for doing a Zwift ride is pretty narrow.  Most days I can move the time I start around within about an hour window.  I suspect I’m not the only one in this situation.  So, every hour of the day, there should be a Race, a Group Workout, and a Group Ride.  Maybe a couple of each from which to select.

Most days a race or two is available.  The problem with that is that I can only really handle one race per week.  Put that down to age and not being in the best shape of my life…  Again, probably not a unique situation.  Anyway, Group Rides seem to basically have vanished and I keep seeing the same three robot lead Group Workouts coming up, and nothing else.