Private Group Rides

(Isaac Bergman) #1

Can we get private group ride/race event scheduling?

For example, if I want to arrange a group ride with my cycling crew where I can create group rides and send invitations to that group and then have a visual feedback of how many people are committed to the ride. The group ride leader would select the route, start time, jersey/kit, and the late-comers would be able to hop-on with the group if they missed the start time.

It would plug into the same notification module, so each committed rider would get a reminder x minutes prior to the group ride.

The private/informal group rides could be setup as either one-off events, or with a repeating schedule (e.g. Tuesday & Friday mornings at 6:30AM)

(Paul Allen) #2

Been suggested a few times, make sure you vote up the existing ones so Zwift knows what the users what.

(nicola la motta) #3

Yes please activate this feature…it would be really really nice

(Pat Paladino) #4

will do…this will be a cool feature!



yeah im really interested in creating group rides for my club, but only be open to my club memebrs by invite only - zwift is there any plans to introduce such?

(Eric Oddleifson) #6

I would also like this feature. I coach a youth MTB team and would love to have virtual rides during the winter just for the kids. Willing to pay extra each month for this feature. Thanks.

(Robert Napiza) #7

This would be a really cool feature!

(BFunk 1976) #8

Has there been any response from the Zwift team on this? 

(* Luke A13) #9

No nothing yet

(Garett Simpson) #10

Yes…make it happen. I am surprised this hasn’t already been completed.

(Patrick Boerkamp) #11

Same here. Why is Zwift not responding? Do we need to issue a separate request?

(John Sonego) #12

Many of us are looking for this feature to be implemented. It would take Zwift to the next level and attract a lot more riders. Not sure why it doesn’t seem to be getting any attention?

(Ingrid Miller) #13

This is the ONLY reason I joined ZWIFT–thought it was already one of the features.

(Paul Allen) #14


Zwift has stated that it is definitely coming but would not give a date, you can hear it on the latest Zwiftcast:

(Jason Chu chu) #15

Sooooo… Any news on having a new “workout with friends” option?

Because computer games have been able to be multi played over communications lines like 30 years ago… Come on now.

(Hetti TS (ZRG)) #16

Any news on that topic? I´d love to have “private” groupt workouts, races or rides, too :slight_smile: That would be great…
It would also be a great tool for online coaches…