Group Riding

 So I have just joined with a few of my friends. I need some advice on how to do this or what I should do. We have a small group of 5-10 guys that we might want to meet up in Zwift and ride together. Not sure what is the best way to do a group ride together? The options were:

  • Create an event but it seems like a fairly big deal to create on or do I just do it on the Facebook page?
  • Just tell my friends to find me in the riders nearby and ride with me? But might be a pain to try and tell 10 people to try and find me.  


Or what other options are there to do a informal group ride? 

Just agree on a pre-selectable route and meet at a certain time under the start banner, that’s what I do.

This feature has been requested for a long time. At the moment there is no official way of doing it except as Salvatore said, preselect a route and meet at a certain time. I use skype link so we can talk to each other - it is very easy to lose someone during the ride due the sheer number of riders these days. 

I would love to have an official way of organising small private group rides. Maybe one person selects a route and riders he can ride with and others can use the link or get a notification for the ride. They spawn at the same place and when riding, they have beacons on their heads showing they are part of the group which can be visible only to them or the right side riders list shows only their friends list. There are several ways this can be done but somehow this is not considered a priority by Zwift. It is long overdue. 

Ok thanks I guess I’ll got to try it out. 


Definitely if that feature is available it would be so much easier. Also the user interface can definitely do a refresh to make it more user friendly