Group rides

I am new to Zwift and I would like to challenge myself in some group rides but I can’t find them. Is there a specific place where they are posted? Can I log in and find one that’s happening then? I find it frustrating navigating the website. 

I don’t do group rides but I think the best place to find schedules is on the Zwift FaceBook page.

I know there were some this AM and possibly some tomorrow, too.

BTW I agree with your comment about the main website – too many design gimmicks going on – makes it difficult to find anything quickly unless you already know where it is. My 2¢

Hi John - we’re working on the event experience. Right now you can find a list of major group rides on our Facebook page and there is also a community organized TeamUp calendar which is a good reference.

Our website will be going through some changes over the next couple months as well. Thanks for the feedback and Ride On.

i want to do a group ride, the group says to meet at the Watopia start line? is there a command to put me at the start line when in log in?



Just ride over there and stop