private group rides

I saw a post about whether you can create on Zwift a private group ride.  I did not see a follow up as to whether you can do that or not.  I’m in a cycling club in Little Rock, Arkansas.  In the winter we slack off on our regularly scheduled after work rides.  It would be nice if we could “meet up on Zwift” for our regularly scheduled Tuesday and Thursday club rides.  Is it possible yet on Zwift to have a private club member only ride?


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I was searching here for an official answer for the same thing Charles.  Looks like our best option for now is to agree on a route and meet at a certain time.  Someone else suggested using Skype to be able to talk to each other.

There is a place for group events that are not official and public, just like there are both informal group rides on real life roads along with organized events there. I expect the market for informal group rides and races is far larger, by count, than the number of officially sanctioned events. Just like Charles wrote, real life groups would carry over into the Zwift world, probably bringing in some who were not Zwifting before. I enjoy the official group rides, races and workouts, and interacting with people around the world I’ve never seen IRL. But it would also be a blast to do a group ride or race with some of the riders I’ve been on the roads with around here. Especially on a group ride day when the weather outside is extra sketchy, I’d picture starting with half a dozen meeting up on Zwift, and maybe a lot more of the group would join Zwift then to try it out.

As Tom says, we can do an informal group ride like they started in earlier Zwift versions – meet up at the start finish line at 8 a.m. with course X selected. But the tools Zwift has built for group rides and races add a lot to the experience. They should be available for self-organizing groups. A group leader would set up the ride, and pass on a group password or the like to the other riders.

There’s plenty of room for both the wide open events and the self-organizing group events, just like on the roads outside. Both have their place and both build a community.

It amazes me that this feature wasn’t included day one. Think about how we ride today? Somebody picks a time and place, we meet, we ride. I cannot understand why this is so hard to set in Zwift today. I would expect I could log in and create an event, and invite whomever I’d like to ride with. Tie it to FB or Twitter would be obvious. Then I could log in, start the ride, wait for my riders to show and then be off.

Hey Zwift folks, please make this happen. Thank you. 

Steve and Chris, you both make great points that should have the Zwift Team salavating over this. Instant advertising to all your cycling clubs on FB trying to make your own ride. The infrastructure should be programmed.

Tom, folks use Discord frequently for verbal communication.

At this point, however, to have a successful small group ride, Team Zwift needs to allow your group to ride in private…it’s tough to get a small group through the congestion.

Disappointing that there’s no response to this thread from the Zwift Team. Like the posts above I’m convinced that provision of the facility for private group rides would simply expand Zwift membership, it wouldn’t take away from the organised rides…in fact it would probably increase participation in these also.