Create a Simple Group Ride

Please create a simple group ride process. I’ve been searching the forums, youtube and general internet for hours. I can’t find a simple way to do the following.

  1. Somebody picks a time and course. That person is the ride leader.
  2. Create the ride by determining the ride/course and invite riders. Make it public or private, who cares.
  3. Tie it to other Zwift riders I’m friends/follow. FB or Twitter tie-ins would be obvious.
  4. Prior to start, I could log in, start the ride, wait for my riders to show and then be off.

This is how people ride in the “real world.” Why is this so hard with Zwift? I looked at and read countless posts from other tying in to more formal rides. It’s all crap. This should be a stupid-simple process with just the four steps above. Please Zwift, make this happen. Thank you.

Agreed. I can’t believe we can’t do it now. 

Great idea.

I’d like the group to be ‘banded’ together, so it’s more like a social ride.

Maybe even have a private group chat channel too?

People have been asking for this for a very long time. It’s definitely one those things you can’t quite believe hasn’t been implemented from the start.

+1 for this feature. I use Zwift for running so creating a group run would be ideal for me.

Agreed and voted up.

Voted up.  It would be a great thing for a local club or group to be able to create a group ride.

It’s coming, Zwift just hasn’t given a date, you can hear it on the latest Zwifcast.