Create a group ride for friends

(Mark Embleton) #1

Hi Zwift. This is a topic that’s been around for sometime and archived which i’d like to bring back to consider. I’d like to see a feature where you can create a group ride for friends you follow or follow you. An example of this, I work with a bunch of guys all using Zwift but due to location, we only get to ride together in Zwift events and we never get to ride IRL together. In Zwift, one of us could set up a ride for a time and course and ride. Other riders on the course would still be visible and interaction still possible. It would be easier than just arranging to meet at a certain time and manually selecting courses. Thoughts?

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(Vincent W.) #2

Definitely a great idea Mark! I could see this being a feature at some point. :slight_smile:

(Oliver Kraft (ZRG)) #3

Absolutely, …
I created similar topic, not knowing there is already one.
This feature would be really great (for running and cycling).

(Erik Schumacher) #4

I have overlooked this topic, so here is the link of @Oliver_Kraft thread.

(Fabio Mussi [BDC]) #5

I agree.

My problem is that at the beginnin of my ride i only can choose one of the official path (e.g volcano flat) but i can’t ‘build’ something more complex such as “2 vulcano flat , the an epic KOM and then a jungle”.

If i could edit my choice before i start riding other friends should only choose ‘ride with Fabio’ and they will have the same course…even if it is a complex one.

(Erik Schumacher) #6

I like your idea of a “complex course compilation”, that would be a handy additional feature.

(Calvin Mitts 64 (PV)) #7

We have a group that regularly rides together in Zwift and uses Discord at the same time. This would help us for our group rides. It would also be very helpful if we could hide all other Zwifters. Both on the Riders Nearby list and avatars on the road. We often find ourselves lost in the mass of other riders trying to figure out if we are all still together. NYC is a problem when there are over 5,000 riders.

(Mark Embleton) #8

Thanks for taking this onboard and creating meet-ups. This is exactly how I imagined it would work :smiley: