Organize own events

It would be nice to be able to organize own private or public events. Private events could be used to invite zwift friends. Public events for everyone. In the companion app, it would be able to filter by those attributes (Zwift events, private events, public social events)

That’s a feature I really would like to see in the near future, because it would be so useful. I can imagine different kinds of this feature e.g. you could send your friends in Zwift an invitation (and maybe email too) so that you can spontaneously create a group ride. The other option could be to create a private or public event via a calendar, which would be handy to plan future group rides - private events could be only visible by your friends or protected by password.
I am e.g. in a Strava group and missing an easy way to organize a Zwift group ride with these guys.

In my opinion new routes are nice, but those social functions would be much more important.