How can i do a public event for my team

i ´m the owner in zwifpower of TEZH team. We want to do some activities in zwiftpower. how can i post a public event in zp with my team? thanks

Hey! Have you tried the lastest “Clubs” functionality?

I set a club up for my local crew and when I create an event, there’s a “Visibility” setting, one option being “Anyone with the event link can join.”

I dont want a meet up. I want to create a public event

Club events are different than meetups, just sayin…

Zwift is actually trying to reduce the amount of public events since there are so many now and sometimes participation is super low. You’re better off trying the new club features and organizing rides that way.

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a lot of clubs have a lot of events, and many events are alone. My club only want one event that will be moderated and have a lot of members of my club

You can accomplish that with the new Clubs feature, not sure why you are so against using it?

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But how we can postba event in zwiftpower?

sent you a message

Hi @_Chang10_TEZH

It looks like you’ve sent a support request to our team as of earlier today and our Events people are working with you via email. Thanks!

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Thanks. :wink:

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