How do I create non-meetup events

Hi everyone.

We are a small Cycling Club formed last year, and we are now amore than 400 cyclists spread across Denmark.

We have been using meetups for a while, but its rather difficult and not very supportive when you want People to join without been connected through Companion.

Is it possible to get acces to creating events - and how?

(Braunstein Cycling Club - BCC)

Us regular users dont have access to tools but get in contact with Zwift who should be able to help.

Also note that they are working on a “Clubs” feature and have users of existing clubs testing/using this, so it may not be long before Clubs/Events get a makeover which may provide more tools for us users (but this is Zwift, so dont hold your breath).

We are in the same position. Meet-ups have exceeded 100. Contacted and pleaded our case.
Zwift were looking screen shots etc of us exceeding limits. So I forwarded screenshots of the the meet-ups, Facebook threads re waiting lists etc. We also come from a wide number of local groups across our province. There are a few unique factors to our membership which was emphasised as was my history on the platform. Not sure how much influence it had but we finally got accepted for a few trial rides. Still waiting on those being set up.


If you could, please let us know how it goes. We have a group of 1,200 on our rider list, and now are doing 75+ a ride, and assume we will get to 100 in a few weeks at this rate. In the Spring when the limit was 50, we bumped up against that over and over, and didn’t get real feedback from Zwift, other than to say they are working on Clubs.

It would be great to see / hear your experience getting in to Events, and how it works for your riders. Thanks!

Maybe one of the groups currently running events regularly (DIRT, HERD, PACK, etc) could chime in here since you’re unlikely to hear from ZHQ in this thread…

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Hi guys,

Havent heard a damn thing, as zwift just told me they were testing it out with a selected group of testers.

I asked to be a part of it, but was refused. So quite fustrating, but i guess it will come once they are done testing.

Just hope its in 2021 and not 22…

Cheers and ride on

Yes @Jacob_Tinsfeldt_BCC @Mark_Crane_TOG_G_63y a lot has happened since my last post.
You can see from my previous post, on applicant Zwift asked us to provide evidence of filling the meetups to capacity. I did this over 3 weeks. I also provided evidence of waiting lists via screenshots and a brief narrative of our need for an event.
Emails continued back and forth and three trial events were organised. The resulting 3 race events attracted 400 mainly local riders in each, this being the usp of our event. This grew to almost 500 for the last of the 3 events. By this stage, Zwift had already agreed to give us a regular recurring event and provided details of how to update this.
Taking the bull by the horns we arranged an 8 week league which lead to another area of difficulty, Zwiftpower. There’s very little documentation, although not rocket science.

Not much point in the old club event organisers commenting as they mostly started in a different Zwift era. Perhaps its a bit condescending to say, don’t bother trying if you aren’t at capacity on meetups but you’re more likely to be taken seriously.
Good luck, keep at it. It’s certainly worth the effort. In our case, we have 40 local clubs and in excess of 500 riders supporting us and a good team of admins.

Zwift event folks have been great with us, so no complaints there. We also got turned down for inclusion in the club trial…

Cant post url’s but you can find our Events in Zwiftpower under TUZ on at Wed evening @ 19:00 gmt and league is TUZ Winter Chase Race League.