Create a regular cycling club ride

I want to request a group ride for my local cycling club.

I am a director of the club and we’re interested in Saturday (hilly 90 km) and Sunday (flatter 110 km). During a normal season we have up to 130 club members and group rides may have up to 30 riders.

Not interested in a meetup but rather an event that runs weekly.

Based in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada


Hi @Larry_Duncan_SCCC, welcome to the forums!

I’m don’t work for Zwift, but have seen this request a lot on the forums and the quick answer is, you are better off using a meetup. Getting on the official event calendar is still a pretty mysterious process.

Zwift has stated that if you have very popular weekly rides, assuming they mean meetups, and can pull 100 or so people each week consistently, then maybe they will put you on the official calendar. I don’t know how they are tracking that, or if there is a formal process to request being added to the events calendar as they haven’t made that public knowledge.


On top of what @Mike_Rowe1 said you may want to consider reaching out to some of the established groups on Zwift (Dirt, Herd, etc) that have lots of members. That way you can get others to join your meetup to have more engagement. Additionally, established groups already have a relationship with Zwift and can assist in trying to get a regular meetup put onto the calendar as a regular event.

For example a ride I sweep for starter as a Herd Meetup (Saturday Donut Ride) for a few weeks. With the help of the leaders of the Herd we were able to get it on the official calendar for Saturday Evenings (eastern time).

Best of luck.