Create Zwift events. Where can I find detailed information?

All the articles I’ve looked at are unclear about the way to set up races and group rides.
I’ve figured out how to do the meetups, but I haven’t quite figured out how to create a race or group ride.
Group rides in a group only appeared because I 'm a moderator in one of the groups and the group didn’t have any events. Now that I’ve created an event in that group, the create event button no longer appears.
It’s not even clear how to create races.
Theres meetups than group events (group rides and workouts) but no info on races or creating events outside the group.
Can someone explain this better or give me a link to detailed information?

Do you mean race events for anyone to enter or club race?

Not only that.
I’ve noticed that there are meetups (group rides that meet at a given time on the side of a road). Invitations to these can only be made one by one and to someone who is being followed by the person creating the meetup.
I also realized that as the owner or moderator of a club I can create group rides or group workouts and invite the group or anyone if I leave the option to invite people outside the group selected and send them the link to the ride.
The only thing I don’t understand is how to create races with ratings, even within a club this doesn’t seem to be possible, or am I wrong?
I also understood that for an event to be public and appear in the list of “official” events, club owners (I don’t know if this also applies to moderators but it doesn’t seem to) have to contact the zwift team requesting the creation of that public event but it’s not a clear process that is explained in plain sight.
So I ask again… can someone explain this better or give me a link to detailed information on how all types of events work in Zwift?

There is no way to operate a proper race using club events. The best I have seen are the events put on by the Target 2.5 club. But it requires that higher category riders wait in the pen in order to chase the lower categories. It works quite well but requires cooperation.

Club events can’t appear in the public events schedule.

Contact if you think you have an event idea that will attract enough public participants to justify a spot on the schedule. Or work with an established event organizer to discuss your ideas.

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The events on Zwift’s public calendar (that anyone can join) are created by a fairly large number of event organizers that have been doing that for many years. Each of them has built a large following over time. The sheer number of events they cumulatively create is staggering, and there’s a great variety of things you can do with those organizers.

We’d recommend Zwifters to spend time doing those public events, and finding a community that you like, One way to build experience is to become a ride leader (either a “beacon” up front, or a “sweep” at the back. When you’ve got leadership experience, you might suggest your ideas and see if they like might want to incorporate them into their community.

Meetups and Clubs are even more grass-roots, and anyone can start them with a group of friends. Club events will be available to everyone who joins your Club, and they can sign up via the Companion app. Meetups are created ad hoc, so each time you create one, you’ll create a new invitation.

Neither a Club or a Meetup will be on Zwift’s official event calendar. If that’s your ultimate goal, please spend some time working up to that by learning from established organizers, and volunteering to lead their events.

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Thanks for your replies. Isnt there any official information/link on all the process for meetups, club events and public events?

Also wondering the difference from club events within private or public clubs etc. I know club events can be shared outside the club but dont know if thats for all clubs or in private clubs thats not possible. :thinking:

And what type of events get people cruising the same roads mixed with general population. Club rides and meetups are done outside general population or just club rides? And is that in all club rides or only in private clubs or public clubs that have set their event to be club members only? :thinking:

Im just trying to figure out this event scene on Z because theres no single article I’ve searched that explains this top to bottom in detail.