Club event as a race

Dear friends,

Just a quick question: With the right setup of the event and “show results” toggled a club event can be used as a race, right?

Or do I miss a technical limitation that makes event not useful as a race atm?

I’m asking since I read that Zwift actually plans to add race events to clubs and I don’t really know what the difference would be.


Technically you are right. There will be differences in the way the event is shown with a “race” vs. “group ride” on the event calendar for example.

We are planning on a race event type that will include things like:

  • Race specific event templates
  • TT / TTT mode
  • Zwift Power integration
  • Different event settings (late join not an option for example)

It is still in discovery, but there are nuances to a race vs. a group ride. We want to make sure that ANYONE can easily create a great race when we officially launch race category event creation.


A bit of an odd request but kind of cross purpose. Is there any chance to increase the default late join time of 30 minutes and ideally allow it in races as well where the rider were to still start at the pen.

Having been offered club creation in the big rollout the other day, I had a quick look, because something that really frustrates me is that a vast majority of TT events are held on Tempus Fugit; Bologna; Sand & Sequoias; Tick Tock… When it should be very easy to set up custom length TTs on any course.

I’m also quite frustrated by how infrequent TT events are, especially at the weekend.

As much as I’d be happy to set up a custom course TT club to schedule TTs, my understanding is that club races and TTs are not going to get Zwiftpower ranking points, which will be counter productive in getting much intrest in such events from the wider Zwift community.

There’s also the slight current issue that club event creating, at least on Android, does not have a no drafting option. :wink:

Hi Eddy

How far are you in the work on Club Races?

Are you working on Club Teams at the same time?

Regards, Kenneth

We tried to run a club league using club events. We tried a test race, with varying distances for each Cat. The test race worked fine. But come Race 1 of the series (suppose to be LaGuardia), two of the Cats were placed on the wrong course and didnt have results. The kms counted down but there were no banners and kms just disappeared. Anyone else experience this?

@DesiS - I apologize that this did not work out for you. Do you know if you created the events on Android or iOS? Have you tried recently to see if you are facing the same issues? If you also captured an event link, I could look up the details to see what happened as well.

@Kenneth_Kammersgaard - We are not too far into Club vs. Club / Team vs. Team racing but focused on providing Clubs the tools needed to create their own. With the first version of Club workouts just launched, I am hoping to get TT’s in Clubs hands to use. This will provide Clubs with all the different event modes that Zwift has to offer.

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@Eddy_Lee thank you for your reply, looking forward to the TT races :slight_smile: We are having a test league here in august, before the season kicks in in september/october, where we will have a larger league.