Create Club Races

Would like the functionality to create races, Crit/TT/Standard Routes for club members

Definitely required as part of the club option


Fully support this. I am doing weekly Handicap races with a lot of people (hounds and hares style), but all we can do is meetups.Then we work out “results” from strava segments, but… it’s not the same :slight_smile:

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Would also be good if clubs could be created for leagues where riders were registered and verified e.g. by wkg watts,age or whatever was relevant for a race series. Also Is there a limit on number of clubs e.g. I ride TFC as team but my IRL club is also on zwift now … this suggestion would only work if you could be in more than one club.


That would be important to create Races/Events.

And the most important thing is then, that all other riders are disabled.

That’s very annoying at Meet Ups - you want to ride with the people at the MeetUp but the only thing you see is the “pearl necklace” on the track.

Please plan a option check box for this - for the club events and short term for meet ups.


I would like this as I forsee a club for slow folks like me so that we can all race together in races where we might sometimes come in the top 10. My race pace is too slow to ever do well in D (though racing for “not last” is fun anyway), and when the clubs start being made maybe I (or another) can make a club for people who are in my “segement” of the D category and then we could create our own custom race routes and race one another within our sub-segment of 1.8 to 2.2 w/kg race pace.

Would it be possible (or is that stupid, as it should be left to Strava), for a club to make a route and then have an in-club leaderboard for that route to show who in the club rides it and how fast and often? Maybe that is silly?

Ditto for club created races - if possible it would be nice to have club created races, with club leaderboards - AND the option to reset those leaderboards monthly?

Regardless, having clubs be able to make their own custom routes and races is a really nice suggestion.

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This is now an option (edit: for meet ups) in the new version of the companion app.

Great to have this option now :+1:

I dont see this in the app, meetup only view but nothing for races yet?

Wait it is coming have a look here;

Agree that Meetup only view has been implemented, but this topic is for club created races

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