Club race results export/zwiftpower integration

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Is there an appetite for club ‘races’ where results aren’t just visible on the companion, but can be exported as maybe a .csv or viewable in zwiftpower? Our club (ACU) wants to start doing more race series, like a mini ZRL or our own mini tour series. We get one a week currently with Zwift, which is good as it allows us to get the result data from zwiftpower. However if we want more races per week, bespoke events etc we will struggle. What would be nice is if we can create our races within clubs that results can either be viewed in zwiftpower or an export feature to allow us to integrate results/ create league tables. With maybe a feature in the races mode to include segments, first across line, fastest through etc

I dunno, hope this isn’t just me that would like this! It would definitely free up the events team :rofl:

Use this: ZwiftPower - Login

You just need to add the event id at the end.

And this work for clubs also?

It does, hence giving you the link :slight_smile:

Ok my mind is blown right now :exploding_head:… how long has this been available for lol I mean this is a game changer!!

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Since Clubs were launched I’m afraid!

I do an awful lot of work in ZP and often have to add private events into series and this is what I use when a public event hasn’t been added for whatever reason.

Well that’s embarrassing!! Great news though (or great old news lol)

Thanks for the reply I best get to work!!

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Ok me again, thought I’ll use this topic. As my question is an extension of this.
So happy with the adding events to zwiftpower, my question is regarding the event secret option. What I’ve found is if I add the link, then the event is public to everyone, which isn’t what I would like to do. Sooo can i add make the event secret using this tab, if so what do I need to input in there?

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The event secret is for unlisted events, which are different to club ones.

Your best option is probably to publish the club event after the race has completed, to stop unwanted people entering.


Hi All!

I’m following in Kevin’s footsteps here and wanted to add a past event to Zwift Power. I apologize, but I’ve read the above comments and, being extremely new to this and the terminology, I am still unsure what exactly goes where.

The link to the past event is:

Is 1312344586688921648 the “event ID?”

And what is “Event Secret” from the form suggested in the 2nd comment?

I tried entering a few configurations, and nothing seems to happen.

Thank you!


Afternoon Joe,

So event secret is something that Zwift HQ provides if they have made an event for you and you’ve requested it to be hidden. If you made the event yourself in the companion event then it won’t have a secret.
From the link you’ve provided it doesn’t fit the format that’ll work. You’ll need to have had something like: ‘https:/ /www. zwift. com/ events/ view/ 3184559’
It’s the final 7digits that is the event ID and that is what you need to put input to manually add the event. It doesn’t work if you put in the full URL. I hope that helps

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Thanks for the clarification, Kevin!

I couldn’t find the zwift ID AFTER the event via the companion or my activity feed via web browser (probably was just doing something wrong), but found I had copy and pasted it in an email BEFORE the event, and that seemed to do something! Ha. It said “event created,” but I still don’t see it. I’ll do a little more digging. Thanks again! This gets me further along for sure.