Sharing An Event/Race to a Club

Within our Zwift club we regularly want to share an upcoming Event/Race so that members of the club can choose to join it and ride/race together.

At present when you join an event you can share to social apps and copy the link but should be able to share the event to a club. The best we can do is copy the URL and post it as an announcement or chat in our club but that doesn’t hyperlink or allow you to select/copy/paste the link text.

Even a simple iteration which hyperlinks URL’s to the zwift domain would be a start.

Club only meetups are nice enough but we’re lucky to get 5-10 out of a club of 30 so we generally rely on joining bigger events and races. This change would reduce the friction and increase engagement with events and races.

I think this already ties in with some bits @James_Zwift is looking at to see if it’s possible to share/allow clubs events to appear under different clubs.

I think it would be a great idea. We have a few races we try encourage riders to join so would be great to be able to share them directly in clubs.

We’ll definitely look at an event being able to belong to two different clubs.