Specify a public event (ride/race) as a Club Event

feature request:

It would be cool to be able to add a public event to the list of club events. This would allow the owner to say that, for example, the Zwift Fondo at 8am on Saturday is a club event. This would encourage club participation w/o having to communicate to the club through some other channel.

Yeah good idea. Should be pretty simple with a share to club button for club owners

Good thinking. I’d certainly make use of that and great way to promote events between clubs.

@James_Zwift this ties in content based clubs it would be good if club moderators could add other public/club events to show within their club

:100: This is exactly what I was pumping in the chat for a club I operate. But no way to add it to the calendar for the club.

I’d also asked for the ability for one event to belong to two clubs to be on the roadmap.