Clubs Functionality - Moderators able to add events

We warmly welcome the rollout of the Clubs feature however having only the club owner as the only person who may add events makes things…cumbersome.

Please add another roll for ‘Event Creator’ and allow multiple people to hold this title (10+). Or just add the functionality to the moderator roll as well.

Thank you

Hi Paul, you should be able to select another “club owner” and as long as they are also part of the current set of zwifters who have access to clubs, they can create events too. If they haven’t been added to the clubs rollout yet, as soon as they are, they can create events.

Well I’m going to have to tinker some more! How many owners can there be?

Is there documentation on this anywhere?

It was discussed in the beta testers thread, not visible to everyone at the moment.

I was a beta tester, I should go check.