New club feature don’t have yet

Hello guys I am wondering why almost everyone in my club got the new club feature except me yet. Is it because I am in the beta testing team? Really looking forward to it but wondering what I may be doing wrong?

Clubs has been rolled out to all eligible Zwifters (Level 20+ cycling, Level 10+ running)

What are you seeing when you go to the Clubs section of the Companion App?

The normal 3 clubs I have had since beta. I do not have any option to create new.

You can’t be a member of more than 3.

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Mine is worse - no ability to create clubs or private events with a shareable link. More interested in the latter, tbh, which apparently others can do.

Is it because I was one of the first clubs after Jarvis, before the beta wave?

Hi Scott,
He probably meant to say that the menu item to create a club will only reappear when you leave a club and then create (add) a third one.

That sounds more like Clubs Beta (ability to edit public events) rather than New Clubs (private events).

Despite the confusion of them both being called Clubs, the functionality is different.

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Just had a look and it’s now fully functional. If you had a hand in it, thank you!!

I can’t claim any credit, but really glad to hear it’s working properly for you.

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