Enable Club chat notifications

I’ve created a club using Zwift Companion and am unable to find if it’s possible/where to enable this. Any help is appreciated!

Did you create a club in the companion app?

Yes, seems to be rolling out to all Zwifters.

No notifications with clubs. Huge missing feature! ZHQ already knows…


Couldn’t find a topic about it or I’d vote on it.

@Eddy_Lee should make all the closed beta threads open for all so we don’t have to start all new topics


Agreed! Pretty much everything here is repeats.

@Eddy_Lee Maybe you could sticky the common feedback points.

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I’ll work on getting all the feedback into one place.


Can you add link into your post with the location.
It’s to avoir confusion.

Apologies, the pin expired. You can reference it here:

tl;dr is that we are hoping to get out this month.

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