Clubs Chat Notifications [February 2022] [Companion v3.33]

Zwifters -

It’s now easier and more convenient to stay connected with your Clubs in Zwift. With the release of Zwift Companion app v3.33, Clubs users can now manage push notifications for Club Chat and Club Event Creation.

With Club Chat notifications on, you will be notified when a message is posted to your club(s). With Club Event notifications on, you will be notified anytime a new club event is created.

After updating your Companion app to v3.33, these new notifications will automatically be set to ‘on.’

Manage Notifications
To manage these notifications, simply open your Zwift Companion app as shown:



You may now scroll down to the Clubs section where you can toggle notifications on and off for Invitations to a Club, Club Chat, and Club Events. Currently, notification settings apply to all your club notifications. Settings are unable to be individualized by club.

Note: If these toggles are on, and you are not receiving notifications, please check your phone’s notification permission settings for the Zwift Companion app.

More about FutureWorks Clubs

Interested in Clubs? Find step-by-step instructions on how to get started here. Our FAQ and support pages offer additional guidance and help answer questions.

Thank you all - We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!


Nice! Club Event notifications :drooling_face:

One question though: Club Event notifications got sent when a new event has been created, to all members, right?