Notifications issue

Hi @Eddy_Lee

We’ve been testing notifications for club chat. Whilst push notifications appear on the device, the notifications are not shown or stored in the notifications list on ZCA - when you click the bell on the top right it shows no recent notifications.

There is a massive notifications issue. I left the DIRT club because they are “COUNTING”. There is a discord chat for counting that uses a bot to save the progress. They are at nearly 40,000 but they have start this in the clubs chat too. So annoying to get a notification for “1”, “2”,….”79”, “80”, “81”, etc.

That sounds more like a people issue than a notifications one?


What is even the point of that?

Absolutely a people issue but since I can’t control the notifications for the clubs chat, I just left the club in the companion app. If I want to chat with them, I’ll revert back to discord.

You can turn the club chat notifications off in the companion app settings/notifications menu.

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Thank you!

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Found it.

I wish there was an option to mute individual clubs in stead of the all or nothing that Zwift tends to follow. Especially as having multiple clubs, you can miss something. Thankfully clubs is an under utilized feature since discord is the main form of communication for every Zwift group that I’ve ever raced with.

Just to be clear. People are posting to count upwards from zero? One number per post?

yep common thing on some discord chats i’ve seen done. Never seen on zwift discords myself

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Discord - where I can mute the thread:

Zwift companion app - where notifications are all or nothing:

Thank you for providing feedback. We are aware that it can be noisy and admittedly, our chat system is less than ideal.

Curious with this group to see if we should move towards an “opt in” vs. an “opt out” for chat notifications considering we lack the ability to have mentions, muting specific clubs, etc. in the interim.

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I think the world is broken.


My personal preference would be default on for announcements and club events, default off for club chat.




Why not just add a “mute chat” option here?

Here are the discord options: