Mute club chats by club in companion app

Currently there is the ability to turn off notifications for club messages in the companion app but that mutes messages from all the clubs. This is a nice to have so I wouldn’t want to take it away from anyone that who chooses to see no messages, but it would also be useful to be able to turn the chat notifications off individually for clubs which are overly chatty.

Agree, I belonged to a club like that at one point, got fed up with it so left

it’s meant to be being worked on Clubs Update: Feb 2023 - #56 by Gordon_Rhino-Racing just all very quiet.

I would like to see a third option to mute unless tagged also like any other messenger platform has.

Right now i’m reluctant to use club chat as it will put people off which is a shame.

I also deleted myself from a couple clubs that were just too busy. I want to have notifications on but it just wasn’t tolerable so the clubs had to go. It’s a shame because events are better in larger clubs.