Clubs Update: April Recap

Hi all,

Thanks for your valuable feedback and engagement with the March recap.

Good news! This post is slightly early to align with the latest Zwift Companion release scheduled today.

As always, let’s answer the following:

  • What can you expect in the next release?
  • What is Zwift working on now?
  • What is the status of feedback the community provided?

What can you expect from the next release?

The next release will include:

  • A revised Clubs interface*
  • Ability to search for a specific club and filter through the full list of clubs*
  • Ability to invite members via a sharable weblink.*
  • Adding event-only routes to club event route options (see full list of routes below)

*Note: These features will be rolled out progressively over the coming weeks to all users (similar to the initial Clubs launch)

What is Zwift working on now?

  • Double draft mode
  • No draft mode
  • Rubberband mode
  • Steering mode
  • Reduce route image sizes on route selection
  • Abandon / delete a club
  • Group workout templates
  • Having more than 100 members in a club
  • Ability to join more than 3 clubs

What is the status of feedback the community provided?

  • Discovery: Early in the process
  • Backlog: It’s on our radar and some work has been done
  • In Progress: It’s actively being worked on
  • Done: Released

Community Feedback & Status

Club Management

  • Ability to search for a specific club and filter through the full list of clubs - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Ability to invite members via a sharable weblink - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Push notifications with club announcements - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Ability for non ZC users to join a club - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Ability to abandon / delete your club - In Progress
  • Having more than 100 members in a club - In Progress
  • Ability to join more than 3 clubs - In Progress
  • Links in club chat to be clickable - Discovery
  • Dedicated club chat channel - Discovery
  • See and customize time zones for clubs - Discovery
  • Dedicated sub groups or teams within clubs - Discovery

Club Events Settings

  • Adding event-only routes to club event route options - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Reduce route image size on route selection - In Progress
  • Fence mode - Backlog
  • Double draft mode - In Progress
  • No draft mode - In Progress
  • Rubberband mode - In Progress
  • Steering mode - In Progress

Club Event Management

  • Ability to configure more than 1 leader and sweeper for backups - Backlog
  • Remove subgroup text descriptions - Backlog
  • Creating recurring events - Backlog
  • Integration with Zwift Power for club created events - Discovery
  • Changing ride leader and sweeper at any time, even live during an event - Discovery
  • Ability to edit subgroup start times - Discovery
  • Ability to hide an event from club events feed - Discovery
  • Having a club “short name” - Discovery
  • Define specific jerseys in events - Discovery
  • Create an event series vs. single events - Discovery

Club Event Modes

  • Group workout templates - In Progress
  • Using existing workout library to create group workouts - Discovery
  • Club training plans - Discovery
  • Custom club group workouts - Discovery
  • Create club races - Discovery
  • Team time trial event mode - Discovery
  • Chat with club members after event end in game - Discovery

Club Identity

  • Custom club logo - Backlog
  • Using special characters in club name - Backlog
  • Club representation in game - Discovery
  • Club kits - Discovery

New Club Features

  • Internal club leaderboards - Discovery
  • Club race radio - Discovery


  • Event page crashes (Android) - Discovery
  • Pre-set club images are not always loading - Discovery
  • Event attendee list showing duplicates (iOS & Android) - Backlog
  • Changing routes doesn’t update in subgroup text description of the event (Android) - Backlog
  • All worlds are listed as Watopia for run templates (Android) - Backlog
  • Late join not working for club created events - Discovery

Nice work, thanks for the update. :ride_on:


New Event-Only Routes! :national_park:

Big Loop Reverse
Bologna Time Trial
Chili Pepper Reverse
Cobbled Climbs Reverse
Downtown Dolphin :red_circle: - not available on launch
Flat Route Reverse
Gotham Grind
Gotham Grind Reverse
Grand Central Circuit Reverse
Greater London Loop Reverse
Greatest London Loop Reverse
Harrogate Circuit Reverse
Hilly Route Reverse
Innsbruck KOM After Party
Jungle Circuit Reverse
Keith Hill After Party
La Reine
LaGuardia Loop
LaGuardia Loop Reverse
Leith Hill After Party
Libby Hill After Party
London 8 Reverse
London Classique Reverse
London Loop Reverse
Neokyo Crit Course
NYC KOM After Party
Park Perimeter Reverse
Richmond Rollercoaster
Richmond UCI Reverse
Road To Ruins Reverse
Run Path Reverse
Seaside Sprint
Shuman Trail Reverse
That’s Amore Reverse
The 6 Train Reverse
The Bell Lap
The Highline Reverse
The Magnificent 8
Three Sisters Reverse
Volcano Climb After Party
Volcano Flat Reverse
Watopia’s Waistband
WBR Climbing Series


Off-topic, but something like this for the new home screen/UI (or ideally the game generally!) would be great.


Thanks for the update.

We had a long discussion about this while riding this morning. This will surly be the function we will use the most.


Nice! Good to see a good few development in progress (at least the ones important for me :slight_smile: )

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Today’s Zwift Insider post, which covers some of the fun Clubs upgrades in Companion v3.35: Zwift Companion v3.35 Update: Clubs Search + More Route Options | Zwift Insider


Great job! The best news for me is that I can choose an event-only route and create an event. Thank you.

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Great work/progress, and engagement with the community.

Minor problem fyi: I tried creating an event using Bologna but that’s not available. Using Android on Companion App ver 3.35. Your list only mentions Downtown Dolphin as “not available on launch”

Thanks @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn for the great post on the update!

Thank you all for raising up Bolgona and Downtown Dolphin and we are aware of it. I apologize for these not being available as communicated but we will be working towards getting these in soon.


Thanks for these informations
Today on my side I created a Club into Zwift, unfortunately this is not really useful today as my club are competitor only.

Club can be use to create group ride and perform TTT, that’s all.
Today I use club to see members activity only

I don’t see in game Jersey :weary: my club is in TOP 5 under ZwiftPower and we still not have dedicated team Jersey. It’s the most important feature to be able to identify our riders…

Ride on

You can use it to create races as well if you want.

As for in game jersey if your club has been around +1 year i’d suggest you reach out to zwift support and see if you can get added to the queue as it takes months.

I’m right with you on club jersey. My club probably race more days than not but as we are not a huge club or premier division still waiting for a jersey which hopefully will come soon ish


I can’t create races, only meet-up. We already have some great organisations who perform great race events like you. So it’s not a feature I need today.

I already contact zwift support but it’s currently not zwift priority.
We will wait and see….

Hi Lucien,

Thanks for keeping in touch.
Once the Jersey program is restarted we will inform you, do not worry if we have not answered all the messages yet, we currently have a high volume of work, but we are aware of all these situations.
If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us, thank you.

Ride On.
Alberto M
Member Experience Agent

A minor feature to add in activities feed it would be good if we had a club filter now like we have favourites and me

Hi Ryan.
How is the expansion of the members of the smaller clubs going? I have just received news that you have already extended the quota in some big clubs. :blush:

Hi @Hugo_Sanchez_HISP,

News travels fast! Stay tuned for an update on this very shortly :raised_hands:


I’d love to see Handful of Gravel available for club rides

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There are some big clubs now 1900+ members which is great for social clubs. Is there any plans to distinguish between social and race clubs with further integration to ZwiftPower?

it would be great to balance out the racing scene and events in general if racing clubs were limited in size along with bringing more competition to ranking, challenges etc that could come in future.

It’s great what you tell me @Ryan_Scannell. I’m looking forward to that update, my colleagues are going to be very happy. Thank you Ryan! :wink: