Clubs Update: May 2022 Recap

Hi all,

Thanks for the continued engagement here on the forums, your feedback is really appreciated and is helping guide our internal roadmap for clubs.

I’m sure many of you have already seen, but for those of you that may have missed it, we recently increased the club limits (see here).

As always, let’s answer the following:

  • What can you expect in the next release?
  • What is Zwift working on now?
  • What is the status of feedback the community provided?

What can you expect from the next release?

The next release will include:

What is Zwift working on now?

  • Double draft mode
  • No draft mode
  • Rubberband mode
  • Steering mode
  • Reduce route image sizes on route selection
  • Abandon / delete a club
  • Club race creation

What is the status of feedback the community provided?

  • Discovery: Early in the process
  • Backlog: It’s on our radar and some work has been done
  • In Progress: It’s actively being worked on
  • Done: Released

Community Feedback & Status

Club Management

  • Ability to search for a specific club & filter through the full list of clubs - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Ability to invite members via a sharable weblink - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Push notifications for club chat - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Push notifications for club event creation - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Push notifications for club announcements - Discovery
  • Push notifications for club join requests - Discovery
  • Ability for non ZC users to join a club - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Ability to abandon / delete your club - In Progress
  • Having more than 100 members in a club - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Ability to join more than 3 clubs - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Links in club chat to be clickable - Discovery
  • Dedicated club chat channel - Discovery
  • See and customize time zones for clubs - Discovery
  • Dedicated sub groups or teams within clubs - Discovery

Club Events Settings

  • Adding event-only routes to club event route options - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Reduce route image size on route selection - In Progress
  • Fence mode - Backlog
  • Double draft mode - In Progress
  • No draft mode - In Progress
  • Rubberband mode - In Progress
  • Steering mode - In Progress

Club Event Management

  • Ability to configure more than 1 leader and sweeper for backups - Backlog
  • Remove subgroup text descriptions - Backlog
  • Creating recurring events - Backlog
  • Integration with Zwift Power for club created events - Discovery
  • Changing ride leader and sweeper at any time, even live during an event - Discovery
  • Ability to edit subgroup start times - Discovery
  • Ability to hide an event from club events feed - Discovery
  • Having a club “short name” - Discovery
  • Define specific jerseys in events - Discovery
  • Create an event series vs. single events - Discovery

Club Event Modes

  • Group workout templates - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Using existing workout library to create group workouts - Discovery
  • Club training plans - Discovery
  • Custom club group workouts - Discovery
  • Create club races - In Progress
  • Team time trial event mode - Discovery
  • Chat with club members after event end in game - Discovery

Club Identity

  • Custom club logo - Backlog
  • Using special characters in club name - Backlog
  • Club representation in game - Discovery
  • Club kits - Discovery

New Club Features

  • Internal club leaderboards - Discovery
  • Club race radio - Discovery


  • Event page crashes (Android) - Discovery
  • Pre-set club images are not always loading - Discovery
  • Event attendee list showing duplicates (iOS & Android) - Backlog
  • Changing routes doesn’t update in subgroup text description of the event (Android) - Backlog
  • All worlds are listed as Watopia for run templates (Android) - Backlog
  • Late join not working for club created events - Discovery

Having the ability to manage a club and its events in the web interface again is missing from your list. What is the status of that?

I can manage the Private Club event in the web interface…but the Club has to be your primary club in zwift and you have to create the event 1st with Companion App.
Go to this link The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App


Great updates! Club workouts will be really useful after Summer.

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Hi @Jesper_ZwiftHacks ,

This isn’t available to all clubs, only clubs with public events on the calendar and an approved club type on the backend that will display the web editing tools.

What club are you not able to access this from?

This is a great step forward, thank you! Question. Will we be able to import our own custom workouts eventually? this will be a much more useful tool if I’m leading a group as part of a series of workouts, the current selection of workouts don’t quite fit into a broader program which is how I see this getting used more often.


@RC_Ivany It is under discovery, so it will likely be awhile.


Missed that, thanks… A bit new to this forum, still getting used to it.

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Did an article about the latest companion release including club workouts info, images, and other subtle changes. Feel free to check it out: Zwift Releases Club Workouts // Companion v.3.36 - ZRace Central


Love it, thanks for the coverage @Oliver_ZRace_Central! :+1:

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Does this work. I made an announcement today and checked with a few people and nobody seems to have got notified?

if you are also looking at muting notifications per club it would be great to add an extra notification setting for only mentions so that even muted if you were tagged you could get notified

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mine is also the same as the above can edit on web once created in companion app

I’ve checked in with the team and it turns out push notifications are not enabled for announcements.

Thanks for flagging @Gordon_Rhino-Racing!

I’ve updated this as follows:

  • Push notifications for club chat - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Push notifications for club event creation - Done :white_check_mark:
  • Push notifications for club announcements - Discovery

Is there a June update?

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Just posted @Gordon_Rhino-Racing!

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