Clubs Update: Feb 2023

Hi Zwifters,

I’m back with some exciting updates for you all.

Recent developments from the team :hammer_and_wrench:

Club Member Limit :chart_with_upwards_trend: This has increased from 25,000 to 35,000 members per club.

Discord Integration :loud_sound: Voice chat is now easier than ever with Discord integration!

Discord links can now be added to your club within the manage menu, with the option to add this to club events.


You will now see a shiny new Discord button on your club page and club events (if selected) for users to easily navigate and join your club server.

Expansion of Group Workouts :bar_chart: It’s time to get training with your club! We have added 50 cycling workouts to the template library, including many Zwifter favourites that cover a variety of sessions.

Under 30 minutes - 20 new workouts


Under 60 Minutes - 20 new workouts


Over 60 Minutes - 10 new workouts


Running workouts are up next, so stay tuned!

What are the team working on now? :hammer_and_wrench:

Club-specific Notification Controls :control_knobs: We are developing club-specific notification settings to control which clubs you want to hear from and which you do not. Allowing you to fine-tune your club experience to ensure you never miss an event or key moment from the clubs you engage with most.

Expansion of Club Event Templates :rocket: Starting with group workouts, we plan to continue this by creating an expanded library of event templates for you to engage in shared club experiences.

Ok…no news for ‘keep together’?


Hey Olivero,
We didn’t add it to the update as we are still testing the new versions. Our latest version is close to being ready for the next round of event tests and then we will go from there. Excited to see that one come out though!


Hi Chris–thanks for the update, the expanded Workouts is huge, and the Discord link super helpful.

That Keep Together really is vital too. Our club has people of various abilities who’d love to be able to workout together. Discord can keep us all talking–but talking during workouts isn’t the best :smiley: So avatars staying near each other is pretty important.

I know you all know this, just wanted to give my vote for that being the next ‘most important thing’ for Club workouts. Thanks so much for the update and all the work on this. Clubs is moving forward again! :smiley:


Would love to see club events on event-only routes like Bologna TT and Handful of Gravel


FWIW I tested keep together on Ride With James this week and it worked extremely well (we tested it about a month ago and some further improvements were made).

We’re testing it some more Community events over the next week or so, after which it’s likely to be added in game - I suspect club development with this feature will follow but Chris probably knows better than I do on this.


That’s excellent news @James_Zwift, thanks. The club I run is still small enough that I can use Meetups for the moment…although it seems a little creepy to mandate that people follow me personally in order to ride with us. Club Events with a working KT will make things so much easier. Very happy to hear about the progress.


Hi Ryan,

Did something change with the last companion update regarding discord link for clubs?

The discord link only appears if I view the event through my clubs page. If I use the events tab of companion the link for discord does not appear.

I have check it’s the same with two different clubs.

Will this also have a feature to tag riders? e.g I might want to silence club chat messages unless somebody tags me by name.


Hi @Tom_J,

Group workouts have keep together automatically enabled, so if you set up any group workout with your club, you’ll be able to take advantage of this and ride/run as a group.

The ability to turn keep together ON/OFF manually for group rides is something we are exploring and is closely tied to the testing @James_Zwift alluded to.

I’ll be sure to update you all if this is on the horizon for club events. :+1:


Thanks @Paul_Southworth

Let me ask the team to see if this is something we can open up for club events. :crossed_fingers:


Hi @Gordon_Rhino-Racing,

Thanks for flagging, I’ve raised this as a bug with our engineers to get this fixed.

Discord links should appear on any club events, in all locations in the Zwift companion app (club events feed & public events feed).

Regarding notification controls, tagged riders isn’t included in this I’m afraid.

The current notification settings will be available to control for each club:

  • Club Invites (you are notified when someone invites you to a club)
  • Club Chat (you are notified when a club message is posted)
  • Club Event (you are notified when a club event is created)

Hi @Ryan_Scannell , thanks for the reply. Do the Club event workouts have Keep Together enabled, or Rubber Banding enabled? We tried one with Club rubberbanding, and it was awkward and yucky :slight_smile: But we didn’t try one without that, I’m realizing. If they automatically have Keep Together, like you can use in Meetups…that’s gold, and I didn’t know that.

The discord links is an iOS issue. James passed it on to somebody from fb so might already be being looked at.

Shame about tags without it club chat is still pretty much dead to me and i suspect most people in any thing but the smaller clubs. I doubt many people want notified on every message on any club they are in. I’ll still be pushing all my club info by discord then.

One of the future maybe along with some sort of time out like you get in other messenger app and along with new member requests would be good.

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Is it possible to regain access to a club as a mod?
I created a club when they first became a thing. It was just 4 friends. At the time you could only be a member of 3 clubs so I left it to enter some other bigger clubs. Now the club I created is up to 200members and they want to do club rides. However I can no longer set them up. When I originally set it up I made my GF and another friend mods. They can still set up the group rides however they have no intentions of doing so…lame lol

I think you would have to ask the club admin to make you a mod again.

I have tried, as I have access to the club admins companion app haha. I got a response from zwift saying only Owners can add people. Since I was the owner and left the club I guess we are out of luck.

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as far as I know you still can’t delete a club either

If the existing owner of the club won’t give you access rights, I’m afraid this isn’t something we can intervene in.

If the owner leaves a club, does someone else automatically become the owner?

I wonder if the problem here isn’t that the owner left, and now nobody is the owner, so nobody can give access. The details are a little confusing.