Rubberbanding and Keep together and own workouts Club Rides

Hi There,

Absolutely loving the ability to create a Club and put up a schedule of rides for members.

I’m keen to have the ability to rubber band the social rides for new riders to come and enjoy this feature, especially on hillier routes they may not otherwise try.

When will this become available to Clubs?

From an admin point of view, it is much easier to create a calendar of events in Clubs than it is to create and invite to meetups :blush:

Thank you


For sure, the Club ride without the rubber band isn’t that interesting. Would be great to have both!


I know this was tested awhile back…

Club workouts are banded, not sure why regular rides can’t be as well.


It’s a different type of rubber banding. It’s being looked into by our development team currently (I spoke with Jon about this a couple weeks ago).


It will be cool to have the Meetup keep together as a club option. And with that the option to select your own workout in the start pen just like we can do in a meetup.


yep, Gerrie…without these rubberbanding and custom workouts, club rides are useless for smaller clubs with less than 100 members. Its for us a bit annoying handling with half done functions.


Agree. The absence of this possibility is for our club a reason to continue to use meet ups rather than the club function. Hope this can be introduced soon (we were planning to move some of our weekday rides onto Zwift over the winter but are now hesitant). Thanks :pray:


Just more a bit more motivation for the dev team :slight_smile: We recently added a Zwift sub club to our Local club offering and it so far is a big hit. We are loving the system and are anxiously awaiting new features and improvements especially as the weather turns cold.

Rubberband on club events has to be hands down the most desired feature from our aspect. While running in a group is fairly easy to maintain on the flats we of course end up dropping riders on climbs and there is simply a huge desire to stay together on some rides.

To that end I did notice the as club owner if I edit the event on the zwift website after setting it up that the option is there to add rubberband and even a fence among others? Do these work?

Steven Jent
VP of Communications
Louisville Bicycling Club


Yes both work, edit an event in Companion app and have the slider “Enable rubberbanding” and the slider “Fence Mode” where you can also set 3 different times for the fence.

That’s only on the website and not ZC, isn’t it? We’ve been told before that the rubberbanding function for group events (as opposed to Meetups) is broken and shouldn’t be used.

As we come towards Northern Hemisphere winter, we could really do with rubberbanding on club events. They’re so much easier to setup than the very painful (and buggy) Meetup mechanism.


Nonetheless there are a number of group rides that enable rubberbanding anyway, if you check through Zwifthacks Events rules filters. And of course it’s turned on for most of the training rides. So it seems odd that it’s available for Meetups, Training Rides, and Group Rides (if organizer insists), but Clubs can’t opt to try this?

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No that’s not only website but really in Companion. never use the website to edit an event.

It might be “broken” even though I wouldn’t know what is broken, and it is suggested to not use it, but it’s not deactivated. You just need to know, that the power will be averaged between everyone, and the speed is more or less around 23km/h so many, many, maaaaanyy will be complaining that’s it’s slow, that they don’t understand what is going on, that they have never heard of it etc etc. So yeah, using it is great with many advantages, as long as you keep moving you won’t get dropped and you can climb very easily and you don’t need sweepers, but a lot of riders will complain all the way which can be so annoying believe me…

But it’s totally available and free to use, been doing that for weeks so… :wink:

It would be one thing if rubberbanding was mandatory, but if it isn’t and the club members hate it, then their club could disable it if that ends up being their decision, or likewise the club members who hate it, can opt for another ride that doesn’t have it enabled.

The goal is to make it an option just like with meetups. With meetups I choose my 100 riders, if I want race results (defaults to no) and if I want to keep everyone together (defaults to no). Same concept is what is being requested for Clubs. Our MS Club is only 200 riders so trying to get traction is tough, but creating meetups people enjoy the Rubberband. The host just hates manually adding them.

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You can create an event with A cat with band and a B cat without so you will have one event and 2 groups so everyone can choose what they want. You can turn ruberbandding on and off per category. It is an option exactly like a meetup…

Please show me a screenshot of where you can create a rubber banded club ride in the companion app because I don’t see it. I know how to do it in a meetup but that’s not an easy way to set up a club ride as you have to invite individual members.

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Here you go! Unless there are different types of clubs and not all options would be available, but if that’s so, I’m not aware…

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I suspect this is something that Zwift event organisers can do in ZC now, but not regular (non-organiser) club owners/moderators.


It could also be a function for larger clubs that might not be granted to the the entire community of clubs.

All I get for a smaller club I’m owner of is options for late join/results/women and visibility.