"Keep Everyone Together" on Club Events

One of the best parts about Zwift is the “keep everyone together” feature for meetups…it allows the social function of Zwift to flourish, as people of different abilities/intentions can ride together without stressing about leaving anyone behind, or having the chat dominated by instructions to help keep the blob together. Is there any plan to have club events include the “keep everyone together” functionality? Currently not one of the club event settings, which kind of makes club events pointless unless you’re trying to do a race IMHO.

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See this post.

I think Keep together and rubber banding is two different things that is why I am keeping this post seperate.

But when will it (keep together) become available?

Or is it already available to select members like rubber banding appears to be?

And why doesn’t anyone from Zwift respond to the many repeated queries regarding this feature for Clubs? (given that it’s available in so many other types of activities).


They guy running the Clubs show (and communicating brilliant monthly updates) doesn’t work for Zwift anymore, so that’s probably it.


The last monthly update was by Ryan on Oct 12th. Has he since left? He had done the prior update in June as well, in which rubberbanding was mentioned as being worked on. However his latest Oct 12th update didn’t mention this at all. It just vanished as a mention – along with a few others (from June recap):

What is Zwift working on now?

Double draft mode
No draft mode
Rubberband mode
Steering mode
Reduce route image sizes on route selection
Abandon / delete a club
Club race creation

Eddy was previously running with clubs and has left from what i understand. Started so positive with great community involvement and monthly updates we were seeing progress and got an understanding on how things were moving along then it went silent presumably when he left.

Next update came a few months later and basically the update was nothing new and no eta on when any progress will be made.

Clubs could be great just needs development. Right now they are unusable.