Zwift Companion v3.53 [November 2023]

Hello Zwifters - here are the latest updates to the Companion app v 3.53.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented correct rendering of the workout UI during meetups.
  • Ensure that the Zwift Companion app doesn’t crash when Zwifters open activities with a corrupt FIT file.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when starting a workout.
  • Fixed an issue that kept users from creating a club when the app was set to a non-English language
  • Added a “Keep Everyone Together” setting to club events so that club owners can enforce “rubberbanding” during their activities.

Please let us know if you have any questions or issues with this release.


Way to bury the lede, @shooj. :grinning: Club owners will be stoked about the new “Keep Everyone Together” option.

Time to put together a Zwift Insider post!


Trying to set up a test event, but the “Keep Everyone Together” option in Companion is greyed out/disabled… it won’t let me change it. Any ideas, @shooj?


Can confirm - same problem here.


Probably needs a server-side switch thrown. This is huge, excellent news though!

This has got to be one of the most requested features over the last year and it’s been buried with no fanfare at the bottom of a post.



Event Results have to be disabled in order to enable Keep Everyone Together. Currently, both can’t be enabled simultaneously, but I’ll flag up that trying to toggle rubberbanding doesn’t automatically turn off Event Results.


Ha! Had just figured that out and was going to post it here. Thanks Rowdy!


Please turn on further Apple health metrics the ZCA can now write as of Watch OS10 such as power, speed and cadence data.


I’m not able to see ‘Keep Everyone together’ when I try and create a group ride for my club. I’m on version 3.53.0
Am I missing something?

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Yes the post three up from yours !:joy:


Sorry Ian I’m not trying to be thick. I’ve tried toggling the button and see this.

Are we saying there isn’t an explicit ‘Keep Everyone Together’ option like there is for meetups, but there is ‘Keep Everyone Together’ functionality which is accessible by turning off race results?

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No my apologies - I was missing something, the first 5 words of your post. :man_facepalming:


I don’t use Clubs but set a test one up and saw what you see.

I then updated to 3.53 and now see a different option when I go to change settings:

Then change to

Are you sure you are on 3.53 ?

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Why is the “Keep everyone Together” Option not available in Group-Workouts?

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Does anyone one know if you can turn off banding during a ride. So that you can keep everyone together for most of the ride and then let everyone go for it in the last bit,?

Could have sworn blind that I was but just checked back again and an update was waiting. Can see the option now :blush: thanks Ian!


Can someone confirm that the „keep everyone together“ option is only available in group rides and not in group workouts. Really? :man_facepalming:

Noticed some “weirdness” with this update will in a group event ride. Firstly, the “coffee” option was shown as available, yet in game, it was un-available. Secondly, was unable to long-press my position in the map screen to give kudos to nearby riders, yet when the event finished, it seemed to become active to allow that