Zwift Companion Release 3.49 [July 2023]

Hello Zwifters - Companion version 3.49 has been released to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Here’s what’s in it:

  • Made improvements to handling Bluetooth device connections
  • Made several improvements for non-English interfaces
  • iOS: Fixed an issue where Club Discord link would not appear on event details
  • Android: Fixed a crash in the Action Bar while paired with the Zwift app
  • Android: Fixed an issue that causes changes to be lost when creating a club event

UPDATE v 3.49.1 July 28

  • Fixed a crash that can occur when Companion is bridging Bluetooth device signals to the Zwift app

When I raced on Monday, I noticed that I no longer see people who I follow on the map in ZC (that little orange bubble). Once the race finished, I could suddenly see them pop up on the map like before.

Not sure of this is a feature or a bug but it certainly makes it more difficult to see friends on the map during race (I could only see them when switched to tab “Zwifters” and select “Following”).

This was on version 3.48 (Android) but I would guess it would be similar on 3.49.

On the other hand, this was working correctly last week so maybe it is version 1.44 issue.

Will the companion app be updated to show the route when in the portal?

I always connect my trainer and the zwift play controllers via companion. Since today, after the update, the connection is getting dropped and dont come back. I tried again, same happens. This worked flawlessly before.

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Same problem C_histoph_SZR , after update 3.49.0 , the connection is getting dropped,and companion close … This worked fine flawlessly before

iOS users please note


Thank you :pray:

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@C_hristoph_SZR and @chris_iurman

Please verify / deny: does Companion v 3.49.1 for iOS solve the issue you reported?

Did the android update not have the Bluetooth bridging improvements?

We corrected issues specific to iOS for this one.

The race results on the new version are wrong. my last race shows me I was 19/37 but there was only 23 people in the race.

Aren’t there always much fewer Zwiftpower registered entrants than in Zwift and CA itself.
Curiously the number of total registered entrants across ALL cats is 37. Is CA showing you your overall result against all Cats, inclusive of those who aren’t on Zwiftpower, and perhaps also those who no-showed or DNF’d?

That’s possible. It will show those not on zp as its companion results but counting those than never entered the pen does not seem right.

I would leave the DNF on there though

Perfect for me After thé 3.49.1 :ok_hand: , thanks

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Will give you an update tomorrow morning. Thanks for your fast response!

Same here (Android version). Looks like it considers the total race participants from all categories rather than only yours.

So the questions raised are: 1) is this a bug and or by intent?, and 2) is it a CA new bug/feature or a back-end issue?

Working again. :+1:t3:

Thanks for flagging this up @Gordon_Rhino-Racing

We turned this off server-side so short-term, you should not see this erroneous result screen for now.

We’re working on a fix before we re-enable it.