Zwift Companion Release 3.41 [October 2022]

These are the notes for the latest updates to the Zwift Companion app version 3.41.


  • Updated Zwift Companion to use the latest Zwift font
  • Updated Zwift Hub details to show MAC address
  • Fixed a bug with Clubs announcements when rendering Spanish and German languages
  • Fixed an issue where “Women’s Only” events would not be labeled correctly
  • Fixed an issue where updated club event information would not show after saving


  • Updated Zwift Companion to use the latest Zwift font
  • Updated Zwift Hub details to show MAC address
  • Updated the on-screen instructions when asking for permissions to enable bluetooth pairing
  • Fixed an issue where Zwift RunPod could not pair to Zwift Companion app

UPDATE v3.41.1 November 9

  • We’ve added Zwift Companion support for Urukazi map.

Is there any plan to remove the requirement of the companion app to be on wifi to sync into game mode?

I’ve not made any changes my end but it seems to have got a lot slower recently sometimes failing to get into game mode.

Admittedly this could and might likely be an issue my end but why not aim to remove this wifi dependency.
Companion knows I’m online so it would be much better if it was able to communicate over any network whether it be wifi or cellular.

Some capabilities of Companion such as bridging BlueTooth devices would probably be seriously affected by the latency of cellular data connectivity. Plus it would have to be mediated through a backend service that might be far away. That latency is highly variable on cellular networks, much more than on WiFi networks. I doubt there’s much Zwift can do about that. Some people might be better off with cellular data compared to their WiFi, but that implies their WiFi is truly awful. Most people with shoddy WiFi are better off using it.

True it would be no use for anyone bluetooth bridging but that could be a limitation that requires wifi.

Just wish there was an easier way to fan view in game. Maybe as part of the game client it could be done itself could be a better option none of this having to find the right world wait to companion to sync etc.

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But if ZC used the cellular data connection to talk to your Zwift client device, it has to find a route through the cellular data network and back in to your home via its router and firewall to find your client device. That will probably simply be blocked hy your firewall, and is certainly an order of magnitude more complicated than routing within your home wifi network. Bear in mind that we see plenty of occasions when even the latter fails for some users.

Either route back in or just to ZHQ then in with game traffic. Maybe too much of an ask just frustrating some times when it does not sync.

The better option might be to have the features available in game so the companion app requirement goes away

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when creating a meetup it is very buggy:

  1. Adding friends is difficult because only a few of my favorites are shown in the table. The others I have to search manually.
  2. After I created the meetup and I want to change something, all options are gone (Route, Duration, stay together, only show meetup participants) Only Time/Date and participants are saved.
  3. If I like to repeat a meetup, most of the people I invited before are not added automatically to the new “repeat meetup”

Yep, unfortunately these are years-old bugs with Meetups that Zwift clearly have no intention or ability to fix. I can only assume that the code is too risky to touch due to how it is wrapped up with other stuff, or they simply have no understanding of it because the original developer of that piece isn’t there any more.

Our only hope appears for them to be to write new code for this clubs, which I assume is why it’s taking so long for this to appear for clubs despite being supposedly in progress for quite some time.

Is there any way to run companion on Amazon fire tablets? I was running out on a Samsung tablet but the Android version stopped being supported by zwift.

I don’t know much about the Fire tablet, but there’s a fair chance you can install a LineageOS ROM on the Samsung to get above Android 9.0 - it depends on which model you have

Possibly Fire Tool Box would let you prepare the Fire tablet for use as a… tablet