Zwift Companion Release 3.39 [August 2022]

Hello Zwifters - we wanted to show you new and improved features of Zwift Companion app version 3.39. Using Companion alongside the Zwift game app is the best way to connect with friends you meet while you ride or run!


Android and iOS

  • Zwift Companion Training: A new tutorial guides you through ways you can connect with other Zwifters using the Companion app. If you’ve already been using Companion, some of these items will already be checked off. If you are new to the app, find out all the ways you can connect with other Zwifters.

  • As an added bonus, completing the tutorial checklist unlocks a Blue and Black Zwift hat in the Garage!

  • The tutorial feature will roll out in phases to all Zwifters from August 31 to September 6.

  • Clubs: Zwift Companion’s club feature is the place to find a Zwift community with similar interests. Searching for a club is easier now with featured clubs! Browse through the highlighted clubs list, filter how you’d like to browse clubs or use the search bar to find a specific club.

  • Dropped support for Android 8 and earlier.

  • Dropped support for iOS 11.
    See this thread for details on both OS deprecations.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed crash related to push notifications.
  • Fixed bug where editing user profile could corrupt your weight.

Reminders/calendar entries are still not working after event page signup. Have to go into the category (even for single-cat events) for them to be added.

(checked on Android after updating)


OK I have the new Companion on iOS. How do I access the tutorial?

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Sorry wasn’t paying attention. I guess it hasn’t rolled out for me yet.


I fell for the trap just now too.

So does does this mean that Zwift still didn’t fix the bug in the companion app that doesn’t allow you to change camera angles 7, 8 and 9 - helicopter, drone, etc?

Its not a bug, thats how it was designed


I had no idea.

Why would they purposefully design the otherwise great companion app to not let you change to some practically important views??

Support told me to ask about it In the forums. The main workaround was to get a Bluetooth keyboard to change views on computer (not reachable from bike) - but that caused Bluetooth drops from my wahoo.


Just grab an old wired k/board - no interference and cheap as chips if you don’t have an old one handy. Plus you get access to a bunch of other keyboard shortcuts that are useful that the CA doesn’t have

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Thank you.
I’m on a MacBook Pro with two few ports. My port is using hdmi to TV
Because Apple TV was lagging on me.
I’d rather them just fix the non-bug bug.

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Welcome to Zwift.


It comes up in a big message on the ZC Companion home screen, at least on Android. You can’t miss it.

Sounds like you need Apple’s multiport adapter (part number MUF82AM/A)

Helicopter, you can get to with the companion app.

Drone, you cant, because you can’t control it.

Paul, thank you.
I appreciate the suggestion. And indeed Yes, I have that.

And you are correct, just as the
Gentleman who recommended the Bluetooth keyboard.

It works.

A Rube Goldberg device also works.

But it’d be much more elegant for the camera angle button on the app to work for all the angles. I mean, they’ve already rendered these views. Why not just make them accessible??

If I can already get helicopter view from the computer, why can’t the app just change to all of the camera angles ?

Instead, there’s always some workaround which imposes other costs, like Bluetooth interference or a wire draped across the room to a keyboard that when (not if) I drop it may send the MacBook (and maybe the TV) crashing to the floor.


You can???
I couldn’t.
I spent a week of back and forth deleting the app and reinstalling, answering loads of questions, trying different things - with an ambassador- (what is that?) and then escalated support eventually told me that there is no helicopter or drone view from the app.

Your answer is perfectly logical.
That would be a legitimate reason not to drone via the app. I would be very happy though if I had the helicopter. A low helicopter - so you can see ahead and behind yourself at once - because If I stay close to the beacon, he/she is ahead or I am at ahead - back and forth many times- so I just want to keep my eye on where I am in relation to the yellow beacon.

I know the top right corner kinda shows that / but it’s not so clear.
I can probably but a second computer and TV and run a bot alongside of me on a separate Zwift account for the opposite view of the one I am using.
But that makes about as much sense as all of these other well Intended other ideas that are technically correct.

But if the helicopter view does work from the app, then I have to go back to support and tell them they were Incorrect in telling me that In fact, it does not work for me in my app.

Did a workout this morning and, for a change, I switched to the “map” view on the Companion app. However, there were no moving rider markers on the route for myself or anyone else so it wasn’t possible to give any ride-ons. As soon as I finished the workout the rider markers reappeared during the file save process.

Was this a glitch (Apple TV user) or is it always this way during workouts?