Zwift Companion Release, February 25th (3.22 iOS, Android)

Hey Zwifters, we’ve released an update to Zwift Companion which should make its way to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the next few hours.

Here’s what you’ll find in Zwift Companion version 3.22.

  • Improved the Club invite flow for club owners.
  • Club invites can now only be sent to Zwifters who follow the club owner sending the invite.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when setting a reminder.
  • Made it easier to find the Zwift Privacy Policy within Zwift Companion.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause dark Club logos to not render properly on dark backgrounds.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the robots managing the Zwifting Now UI to use poor grammar. (bad robot)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Meetup filters to not work properly.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause some events to appear in the wrong event list when filtered by sport.
  • Fixed a bug on iOS that would cause the emoji keyboard to overlap Club chat.
  • Fixed a bug on iOS causing extra pages to open when clicking a URL that opens Zwift Companion.
  • Fixed a bug on Android that would sometimes cause a selected country to change to a different country when selected.
  • Fixed a bug on Android that would cause an error while scanning for BLE devices.

If you run into any issues with this latest update, please let us know in the thread below.

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Update Feb 28
Companion v3.22.1 has been released for iOS and Android

  • Fixed an issue where Bluetooth sensors were not pairing as expected on iOS devices and Apple TV.
  • Fixed an issue where profile settings were not reflected correctly.

After this update I got Bluetooth issues.
Hearth rate sensor stopped working
Companion did keep trying to connect to a fenix 5s, my own 5x was connected.
Only way to get rid of this connection pup up message was to switch off the watch?
When switched off my heart rate sensor did work again?


Agree 100% bluetooth issues make this impossible to use! Fix immediately. Running Wahoo kicker bike and HR monitor. Everything would disconnect every few minutes. Very frustrating.


On Zwift Android, on the Route selection screen, there is a blank event join box - a blank white box with the word 'join".

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I checked the game version and it is 61590. I thought Android devices auto updated.
This appears to be a NON ZWIFT issue but how do I force my phone to update the version?

I assume you just go to the playstore my apps and click update.

After this update, I am the only rider - ever. I win every sprint, every KOM - which is great but I cannot even ride with another rider. If I join a ride, like the Haute Route today - It says there were 75 other riders but I don’t see them and I can’t send messages to anyone.


After this update nothing will connect via bluetooth
When it does it disconnects after seconds.

Gone from my most stable connection with Zwift to no connection at all.

Only able to connect Zwift direct to iPhone.

Please fix or roll back update

Zwift totally unusable via this method…


Same issue here. Can’t connect via ATV and Companion App using Wahoo Kickr Snap, Wahoo Tickr, and Wahoo cadence.

Have removed and reinstalled all apps and issue persists. Peripherals will not connect at all and the Kickr connection bounces between “connected” and “no signal”


Hello …

Since the “Hot-Fix” (2-25) and COMPANION update that installed on my AppleTV 4K & iPhone 12Pro …

I can “no longer” connect my KICKR-V5 & TICKR to the Companion or the ATV via BLE!

The BLE dialogue in the Companion is now showing “all” nearby BLE devices and not the KICKR

I’ve reinstalled all Zwift Apps on all devices … Recycled Power on all devices … Switched BLE repeatedly On&Off on all devices … and Reset Network Settings on iOS devices.

Please advise / assist, as this was not an issue until the Hot-Fix & Companion update … Thanks!


** Disconnected pairing with COMPANION …

Connected directly to ATV-App via BLE

… KICKR-v5, CLIMB, HEADWIND & TICKR worked just fine!! :+1:t4: (including Cadence & Power)

… might continue using it this way, going forward!! :wink::thinking:


I also seem to have the same problem that others have reported here. Prior to the update, I was using Zwift Companion to connect to an Apple TV successfully (Kickr SNAP, bluetooth heart rate strap and cadence sensor.)

Now with the latest Companion app, all three devices lose connection (“No Signal”) frequently and this makes using the Companion app unusable.

I know there is not a Bluetooth issue with my phone, environment, or devices. If I connect the trainer and sensors directly to the Zwift app on my phone, then everything is stable and works perfectly. I did a 30 minute ride today with no dropouts at all.

Companion is doing some strange stuff with my Bluetooth connections, too. I have active connections listed called “90676412273033A8E9” and “90676412943C33A8E9” that ONLY show up if I am running the Companion app.

I’ll submit a support ticket about this as well.


Exactly the same happened to me tonight on haute 1, said there was 600 riders when I was in start pen. Had to do whole thing on own!!! Zwift???

Updated the companion app this morning, now I have a popup on my companion app screen that states PR BT 08C9 wants to connect. I have no idea what that Bluetooth device is, but I can’t get this popup to go away. I use the companion app to my PC. I’m not getting a Bluetooth dropout about every 1-5 seconds. Completely unusable, huge disappointment. If this is fixed soon I’m ditching zwift. Too many connection issues. Sucks as I did like the platform. But I need consistent connections or I’ll go to another platform that does have it.


Same here (slightly different device ID). Could it be a Bontrager flare light??? Seems to be messing with my HRM connection

I agree with the posters above. Major Bluetooth problems after this update. The trainer (Kickr) connects but then drops. HRM won’t connect at all.

iPhone 11 Pro and Windows 10.


I had not had a single Bluetooth issue with the companion app in the 2 years I’ve been zwifting, which ended today. Power meter disconnected lost Bluetooth connection twice during the first stage of Haute Route. When I checked the devices the app was picking up, random devices were showing up (iPhones, iPads, wireless headphones, what have you). It’s a hot mess right now.


I don’t have that light. I walked around the house shutting off devices I wasn’t using and the same request keeps popping up. This only happens in the zwift companion app, I am not getting the request in any other apps. I have no idea what this device is that is requesting to be paired.


Based solely on the code, and a quick Google search, could it be a Logitech webcam? Or possibly a wireless printer?


Kinetic smart trainer, wahoo cadence sensor and polar HR monitor all perfectly functional 2 days ago.

Would not connect to Apple TV through companion app today.

Very frustrated and needed the ride for mental and physical health today.

Please follow up with appropriate solutions.