Zwift Companion Release: June 11 (3.15 iOS, Android)

Hey Zwifters, we have released a new version of Zwift Companion which should be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the next few hours.

Here’s what you’ll find in Zwift Companion version 3.15.

  • We’ve added a new filter to the Event list that lets you toggle between all events, or only those Events that Zwifters you follow are signed up for.
  • You can now add Events and Meetups to your device calendar on Android.
  • Fixes for a few crashes.

If you encounter any issues with this latest update, please let us know in the thread below.

Ride On :ride_on:

  • Zwift Companion v3.15 for iPhone / iPad supports iOS 11 and newer.
  • ZC v3.11.1 was the final version to support iOS 9 and iOS 10.

This was true for Zwift Companion 3.14.x too, but I’m noting it here for posterity.


Last week you mentioned that meetups would be possible in a race format with results, and it just needed the companion app to be updated. Not in this though?

Using the Companion App, I was unable to pair my H1 this am. Cadence and power paired, but controllable remained orange. When I tried to select the H1, it doesn’t show up. Again, it does for cadence and power. I paired it to ATV instead and it worked as it should. I rebooted everything and tried to pair the controllable again after my ride. Nothing. Let me know if you need anything from me.


Yes, new version installed. As of this morning, my Wahoo Kickr 2017 connects, but is not controllable! I cannot get the “Controllable” icon to connect to the Companion App.

Oh, I’m on an old iPhone 6 Plus, but the update to the Companion APP occurred automatically overnight.

WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? I’m not planning on getting a new phone.

HELPPP! Please.



Thanks for your report of controllable trainers not showing up when using ZC 3.15 as a Bluetooth Bridge. We’re already on a fix for it. Follow this thread for progress toward a fix.


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Sadly we found one more component that needs to be updated for Race Results to be used in Meetups and that component is part of the larger game release roadmap.

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I have the same problem connecting my Kickr 2017 through the companion app with Apple TV. Not able to connect as a controllable trainer. Hope you get this resolved soon. Really getting annoying every time Zwift does an update!

Love the new toggle, great addition, thanks.
Would be good if you can invite a Zwifter you follow to meet up in an event via meetup and not have to join the event and then share via other social media.
Ride on!


This is a known bug with the Zwift Companion v3.15.0. Please continue conversation on this thread.

Sounds like France?

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I can’t get the gradient to show in the companion app, was this removed?

I don’t seem to be able to find any obvious way to do this, care to elaborate?

Go to Settings, Notifications Then under Events “Event Reminder Defaults”

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Thanks! I wasn’t using reminders (AND I STILL DON’T WANT ANY, even from the calendar, but I guess there’s no way to turn those off except by editing the calendar event afterwards…) and just being offered a choice of times didn’t make me want to proceed.

The ZC app is stuck in an update loop on Google Pixel phone. The welcome screen prompts the user to update the app. Updated through Play store, and chose “Open”. Reverts back to the screen with the update prompt.


Same problem on iOS - update loop. Delete and reinstall app doesn’t help. Can’t use the app at all now.


Same problem here as well. Cannot access the app at all.
Want to schedule a meetup for tomorrow, and cannot find another way to do so.
Please help!!!