Zwift Companion Release: October 8th (3.19 iOS, Android)

Hey Zwifters, we’ve released a new version of Zwift Companion which should make its way to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in the next few hours.

Here’s what you’ll find in Zwift Companion version 3.19.

  • Added progress tracker for Zwift Academy Road, Tri and Run.
  • Added a reminder for meetup organizers that Late Join is turned off when they turn on Race Results.
  • Fixed a bug where deep links to Zwifter profiles would sometimes go to the wrong Zwifter.

If you run into any issues with this latest update, please let us know in the thread below.

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So how do you find the ZA progress tracker in the companion app ?

Chris if you are looking for the ZA tracker in the iOS app the new app isn’t in the App Store yet. YMMV

The latest CA is now in the App Store.

@avid_dk Thanks, but I have the latest version of the iOS app (this morning Sydney time) and cannot find it, hence the query :blush:



3.19.0(1066) Right at the top under who you are following is a black box with Z ACADEMY and a drop down menu arrow on the right.

Thanks … deleted the app and reinstalled and there it is :+1:t2:

Anyone noticed the cadence targets are way off in the CA (Android) compared to in game (Windows) for the ZA workouts?. Not a big issue but that flashing red number telling me to spin up is a bit of a pain.


I haven’t been able to pair BLE devices on Android using the companion app - this only started in the last couple weeks upon returning to Zwift after a hiatus (previously, no issues over several years of riding). Timing seems to suggest that the latest ZC app may be the culprit. I’ve also noticed drop out when switching between apps with ZC running in the background and some intermittent crashes.

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Same for me. Bluetooth doesn’t work anymore since the new version 3.19.1.
Hope a new release will fix this problem soon.

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Since 3.19.1, game screen does not launch on iPhone X companion app, with Zwift on ATV. Both are on same WiFi (5 MHz).

Unable to pair Zwift Companion with Apple Watch to provide HR readings.
Apple watch with Zwift game no issue, HRM works fine.
In Apple Health section, Zwift Companion app is not listed while Zwift game is there!
No wonder no HR readings

Yes im prescribed on apple tv during workout to hit 90rpm and then on CA asked to hit 105rpm🙈

My zwift companion hasn’t paired in weeks. Reinstall, restart, update, nothing works. Using with laptop Windows 10.


Same here. Tried everything. CA and game app in same network. Mobile data off. Tried force quitting restarting. Latest version. CA just refuses to switch i to map/ in game mode. Frustrating

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Which Android has your phone? I have this issue with an old mobile (Android 5), no issues with Android 9 and 10 (both tested).

Did you solved it? Same here. Android 10 but Companion do not pair!

When I use the Zwift Companion for ride times it gives me the start time at 5.00pm in Melbourne Australia. When I go onto Zwift to ride the ride is 2 hours away to start at 7.00pm. Also the ride list is not sequenced to timings. Any suggestions.