Zwift Companion Release, February 25th (3.22 iOS, Android)

Having the exact same issues with my Companion app and AppleTV. Everything worked fine yesterday morning and nothing today. Also can’t get anything to link to Strava.


Immediately after this update, I started having issues with ZC. Map will not load, can’t control workout, etc. Also bluetooth connection to kickr and tickr keeps dropping. This pretty much makes zwift unusable.



Checking now that I’m not trying to connect to Zwift and those ghost devices aren’t showing up at all anymore - and I should be in range of my lights.

Plus, every Bluetooth connection was unstable or impossible.

I’ve done further testing this morning.

Companion app Bluetooth connection not working. Refuses to connect. And on the odd occasion it does it disconnects within seconds.
I also have odd Bluetooth devices showing in the app.

Don’t believe this is an issue with my setup as it worked perfectly before update.

Connection directly to iPhone works fine and is stable.

Seems the companion is the issues.

Zwift status page shows no issues???

This doesn’t seem to be the case…

I have rebooted / reinstalled everything.
Companion still doesn’t work…

Any help with this issue would be appreciated.


Bluetooth issues - during haute route…

my simple setup:
tacx neo, iPhone 12 ZC, tvOS, wahoo tickr - all updated


no mention of Bluetooth updates in the update???

please fix immediately!


Same here - wasted an hour trying to get everything to work - running Apple TV 4K / iPhone 12 Pro / Wahoo Kickr / Tickr X / Cadence / Apple Watch 3 - all latest versions. Restarted / reset / unpaired+repaired, deleted+redownloaded everything and still totally erratic connectivity and companion app crashing. Paired straight through Apple TV bypassing companion app in the end and seemed to work ok, although I got no ride-ons during session, although they were visible in activity afterwards.


Bluetooth files were changed in the game update, it can be seen in the patcher log. That’s not to say it’s sure to be the reason for your issues, but there were definitely changes. Bit daft that it wasn’t mentioned.


Zwift… unbelievable… breaking more than they are fixing these days. Thought they were focusing on keeping the core product stable?

Every release they do these days puts more bugs into the game.

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After update on Friday morning i had crashes on every ride or race.
51seconds before race start, 10km into the race, 22km into the ride…
Had the same problems in autumn and no Problem for several weeks. Till this update.

Please no more updates unless they are upgrades!

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agree something has changed in the update. Will email support a set of logs between two sessions of the haute route, one done yesterday evening EST (stage 1) and one done this morning (stage 2). Stage 1 was fine, no apparent BT issues. Soon in stage 2 though one can see a huge Device List building up in the logs that is not present in the stage 1 logs. The symptom for me was that my Saris H1 trainer stopped adjusting resistance due to gradient. My BT connection is between iPhone and trainer. I run the game on MacBook Pro and WiFi connected to ZC on iPhone 6splus w. iOS 14.1. As of today (stage 2) the ZC app version is 3.22.0 server version 1.226.0.

The “Device List” shown in the game logs also show up as “Connected” devices to my iPhone in the phone’s Bluetooth menu. When one shuts down ZC, one sees all the extra devices disappear.

I see not taking email anymore, and the support page, though it has an email link, brings up a chat bot. I have logs if anyone wants them.

Since update can’t connect to AppleTV. No issues for past year until today.
Using Wahoo Kickr.
When using the Wahoo app on my iPhone it is connecting to the Kickr trainer. So I know there is no issues with the Trainer.

Connecting problems since the last update of companion app. Losing connection to Kickr Core and/or HR and Cadence sensors. Uses always companion app + Mac in the past weeks with no problems. Today no chance to ride. Please fix that soon at it seem other have issues as well.

1.0.63186 Zwift for Mac
3.22.0 Companion on iPhone 7
10.15.7 (19H524) MacOS Catalina
14.4 iOS iPhone 7

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Did a ride last night without any issues. Updated the companion app on my iPad afterwards. Bluetooth issues this morning made it unusable. My setup:
Kickr 2018
Apple TV
iPad for companion app

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I had so many HR dropouts on my last ride, I didn’t know what was going on. Between this and the Wahoo firmware 4.2.1 issue, Zwift is unusable.

Same exact thing! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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Bluetooth does not function since update. Fix please.


I think they omitted this line from the change log:

  • Introduced a bug on IOS companion app that renders game unusable.



So, even though I have Apple TV set to automatically update Apps…you still have to go into the App Store and update Zwift. This fixed it.

… just updated a workaround on my post … was able to get my ride in today with no issues!!

… see if it works for you … Thanks!:+1:t4:

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Thanks for sharing your workaround. I’d like to point out, however, that with your setup you don’t need to use the Companion app as you technically only have 2 devices that pair to the Apple TV, the Kickr and the Tickr. The Kickr pairs Power, Control, and Cadence as a single device with your Headwind and Climb both pairing to the Kickr (not Zwift).

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