Zwift Companion Release 3.43 [January 2023]

Hello Zwifters! Happy New Year! Here are the notes for the latest updates to the Zwift Companion app version 3.43.0.

Android version 3.43.0 (1495)

  • Support for an upcoming map
  • Updates to privacy settings for users
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue with status changes when going to events
  • Fixed an issue when exiting the game from both game and ZC simultaneously
  • Number of participants for an event now display properly in activity detail view

iOS version 3.43.0 (1379)

  • Support for an upcoming map
  • Updates to privacy settings for users
  • Fixed an issue where web content didn’t get rendered properly
  • Fixed an issue where private messages were still able to be seen in-game despite privacy toggle being switched on
  • Fixed an issue where clicking anywhere on the expanded event description hid the expanded view
  • Workout descriptions are now being displayed properly in Clubs
  • Text now renders properly once a discord link has been added to a Club

UPDATE February 6
v 3.43.2 (1381) is an iOS-only release.

  • Fixed a crash when expanding event details while the screen was still loading.
  • Fixed a bug where category enforcement icons appeared on the wrong categories.

Could we have a bit more info on the privacy changes, please?


It’s Scotland isn’t it?

Or should we just start speculating about another upcoming map? Because I can do that if that is what you want.

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These are refinements to safeguard privacy in game chat, and for under-16 Zwifters


Aye, it is. :scotland:



So, when is the January update due?

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I guess just before the Tour de Zwift Scotland stage.

Anyone else having problems with the workout screen not working? The latest update seems to have broken it on my iPhone. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app and rebooted the iPhone.

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Android version had had a quick update to 3.43.1.

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Got an issue following the companion app update and the main game update…

The companion app when in game doesn’t link to the map etc…so you can’t message or give ride ons etc from my android phone…using an ipad for the game…

Had similar issues in the passed that normally sort themselves out with the game update…not this time though…#rollseyes

That’s a home network issue. Make sure your phone is on the home network and not mobile data. Your phone and your iPad need to be able to see each other on your network for this to work. A router reboot might help.

Nope not home network as have tried all of the solutions you mention…it’s a common issue with every ios update, it knocks out the companion app map and then the next zwift update rectifies it…not this time though…but then that’s no surprise as everyone knows that any updated is never tested prior to release and it’s down to users to point out issues…wouldn’t be an update without ‘fixed some bugs’ being one of the main points

After updating tried 2 events today, resulting in 2 crashes. After 18 and 26 minutes into the events. Screen goes black, then returns but freezes. Waited more than 5 minutes but to nonavail.

Using Windows 11. Recently installed Windows Intune for work.

If it was a common issue then this forum would be chock-full of reports of it every time there was an iOS update, and that doesn’t happen as far as I know.

Now it might be a common issue for you, and that’s a different matter.

Android 8 @ Blackberry Key2

during the ride cca hour ago it asked me for update and I’m no longer able to start the app again ;-(

Google Play says “incompatible version”

any workaround?

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Has to be Android 9 or higher. You could try and find APK of previous version that you were using and install that (but wont get map updates etc), or flash a custom ROM. - XDA developers website is a good source for custom ROMs.

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