Zwift Companion v 3.59 [June 2024]

These are the release notes for Zwift Companion v 3.59.0.


  • Fixed an issue with autofill on the login screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the route search bar to not function correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the map sometimes didn’t display properly.
  • Fixed a crash related to race results on Android.
  • Various bug fixes


  • Various bug fixes.

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Issue now!!

Going to ‘my list’ to plan some routes, I noticed that Watopia and Scotland showed that I am not badge complete - prior to this update, I was (except Itza Party and Itza Climb Finish, but those don’t show on the companion app as badges because they’re Event Only).

Scrolling through, the badges that are missing on the Companion App are Three Sisters (which was accomplished many years ago), Mayan Mash (done within the last couple weeks) and City and the Sgurr (done within the first week after Scotland came out). Going to the Zwift app itself verified that the badges are still present. Seems to be a disconnect between Zwift and Zwift Companion.

Very minor bug I’ve noticed on the Companion app. for a while when reviewing completed activities. Shows up in my activities and others’, although not consistently. The numbers in the cadence and heart rate fields as circled in the attached image get truncated sometimes as if there are not enough spaces available to display three digits. This is on Android.

That’s a well known bug

That’s actually a different bug, for when the companion app is in use during a ride. A lot of digital entomology to be done around here…

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Reports about this are littered all over the place

Deer Lordt. Thanks.

Hi all, my level progress bar in companion stays blank despite daily rides. Any suggestions???
Thanks Tom

Any chance you are logged into the game (not Companion) on more than one device? That’s the most common reason for losing progress. Although supposedly they added a feature to alert you when that happens, I don’t know if it always works since I never do that.

Also check your level progress on - does it work properly there?

Hi Paul, I only have the game on on device, Windows PC, the level progress bar is fine on that. I only have the companion on my iPhone and everything updates as normal on that. The level progress bar has been blank since I moved to the next level this week. I don’t have a “my Zwift” account to check there.
Thanks for your reply.

It is your Zwift account, the same you use when logging in Zwift on your PC.

Thanks guys,
Yes the level progress bar is also blank on my zwift account. What is my next step?

Since it’s not correct on your profile on the website, you should contact support. That makes me believe it’s not a Companion issue.

Thanks Paul and Milan for your help/advice. I will contact support.

During my ride today, I somehow ended up with no action bar in the CA and I couldn’t find any way to bring it back other than force closing the app and restarting it. Everything was still working, showing me data and I could swipe around the map, just no action bar.