Heart Rate Truncated on Companion App Activity


Approximately every 2nd or 3rd activity in the companion app, my heart rate will display truncated and only show two digits, I think the first two. This is on Android, latest companion from play store. I’ve seen this on multiple android versions and multiple phones I’ve owned. I know another zwift rider also on android, has this same issue, just as frequently as me. He is on a different phone with a different android version.

Searching here I find some very old posts (2 yrs ago) mentioning this along with other data truncation but nothing recent. Is this a known issue that’s being worked on? It’s very long standing and annoying :slight_smile:

I’ve had this problem since I started using Zwift, so a bug for years at this point.



What device are you using?
I have checked my activities and all of mine display correctly.

I seem to remember this was an issue a long while ago but got fixed in a CA update at some point.

This can also be introduced because of how big the System Font Setting of Android/IOS is set.

It used to work and then about 4-5 years ago it became a ‘feature’ for a select few of us. You are supposed to reduce your default global font size in Accessibility settings but then the font is too small to read in other areas of app and other apps (for some of us that is… and its a global setting so not suitable for me). More annoying was a few of us eye-sight challenged folks got invited to participate in improvements to supposedly influence Accessibility features so Zwift was more inclusive by providing input into areas such as this … short story, Zwift won’t comply with Accessibility requirements.

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Never been fixed and updated font didnt help the cause

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sorry - i meant it got fixed on my device - i used to be as yours is above but isn’t anymore

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i think this was the issue i was thinking of

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Yeah I think the noise reduced at some point which is why it got dropped by devs. I’m not overly bugged by it these days as I tend to only focus on my own results and I look to other platforms for that info.

Just one of the many threads that OP possibly found …

Eric Min’s last race on a 2 day old Galaxy and not a chance to ■■■■ ← (another word for play) around with settings …

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Thanks for the responses.

From the ‘Zwift companion app font problem’ thread
Graham Graham_Johnson2
Dec 2022
It’s crazy that this simple 3+ -year-old bug hasn’t been fixed yet.
So it’s now been 5 years since this bug has been fixed apparently.

Understand lower priority, but very reproduceable and happening constantly for numerous users.

Disappointed in Zwift no fix on this going on years now. Attached another screenshot where it truncated lower heart rate from range. It’s always one of the two of these.