Companion App mini-dashboard display bug

This happens on a Galaxy S9+ with version 3.33.1
Certain values of BPM cause the value to be displayed on 2 lines, which pushes the line 3 metrics out of the dashboard. 104 is clearly such value, but 106 and 108 as well. I don’t have a full list…
The font used is likely proportional and the space allocated is apparently not sufficient for all widths, which is a shame because the RPM value could be moved left a bit.

Welcome to the world of Zwift breaking stuff, acknowledging it, then not able to fix it…

Hi @Eric_Perlin

I was able to locate the official bug report for this issue, I’ve tagged this Forums post (and the other one Dean linked), and I’ve again raised this up to the Zwift team to get some attention on it. Thanks for reporting this!


Adding couple data points based on the other thread.
My settings are as follows:

FWIW, I’m not sure I knew these settings existed so these are likely default values for the S9+

I have not noticed the bug on a value from the third line (one of the issues reported by Dean) but it’s clearly less disruptive than when it happens on the second line.

I’ve observed this as well, on a Google Pixel 5, only when font size is set above the system default. Back to default, no line break.

Hi @Eric_Perlin and @Otto_Destruct

We appreciate the added details!

Just so you’re aware, this Forums thread is tagged with the appropriate bug report number, so it will provide your responses with added visibility as Zwift’s developers work on this issue. Thanks again!

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