Zwift companion app font problem

On my smartphone (Oneplus 6T), there seems to be a problem with the font size for heartrate and distance. I think some numbers take up more space than others and they push the last digit to the next line. Because of this, the last line with the total distance, total time and speed is also pushed down and is not visible any more (screenshot 1). The same thing happens on the last line with the total distance, although the impact is less noticable there (screenshot 2)

Hello @Tom_Pauwels_zTEAMTYP

Thank you for reporting this. I’ll pass it along to our Android team for review.

Our QA team is looking into it.

In the meantime, please confirm that

  1. You’re running the latest version of the Zwift Companion app
  2. Check your device’s default font size and zoom settings

Thank you.

I tested on my OnePlus6T

I see you have the oneplus6 so mine is not the same.

Hi, I have checked:

  • I am running the latest Zwift campanion app (v3.9.0)
  • My font size setting is set to “Larger” instead of “Standard”. I can confirm if I set the setting to “Standard”, the issue does not occur. However, I would like to keep the font size setting to “larger”. In my opinion, it should not affect the correct rendering of the output numbers.

Hi Gerry, I think your font size setting is set to “Standard” instead of “Larger” (used on my phone).
You can see the the space between the “RPM” and the heartbeat digits is much larger as on my screen.