Companion App Heart rate and other data truncated / corrupted

(I searched around for this , couldnt find any existing , apologies if i missed it)

I’ve recently noticed on the companion app that the map screen is sporadially misreporting / chopping off the heart rate and the data below it , see attached. When this happens it comes back after a few seconds and does it again, repeat
See how the heart rate is truncated (sbe 120 something) and the bottom row of data with elapsed time / dist and speed is missing.

I dont seem to be having any bluetooth / wifi connection issues when this happens.

I havent really investigated this to see if there is a pattern / frequency , thought i would throw it in here first in case a known issue.

Android Pixel 4 phone, Apple tv 4k , Kickr Core


Hi Andy. This is an issue that we’ve started seeing pop up with certain sizes of screen and our dev team is working on it. What’s going on is your HR of 120 doesn’t fit in the scaled width for that box on your display so the third digit (0) is being displayed on the line below the first two digits (12), which is also pushing the line that’s supposed to be there out the bottom of the box.

Hi Lucas,

thx for quick reply / ah thx , good that its a know issue / been worked on thanks