Heart rate Bluetooth issue

Since the last companion update which fixed iPads working via Apple TV boxes December 8th I have had issues with my HRM. I’m using a Garmin dual channel version and I connect to my Wattbike Atom X touch screen via Ant+ and the Bluetooth side with the bike data to Apple TV box.
I’m seeing the hrm going offline and the new connection error message in the top left part of the screen. As said before this update I Never had my hrm drop. My set up was bomb proof.
Anyone else got this after the last companion release?

I am experiencing the same with my Wahoo Tickr. I have never had any issues with my HR monitors but now it fails all the time. Sometime it doesn’t see the device at all, sometimes it see it but doesn’t read any hr, and other times it connects but reads a wildly incorrect he. This all started to happen recently.

Updated my iPad and Apple TV to iOS 15.2 last night and went onto zwift this morning and my HRM was 100% ok for that ride. Companion app still ok with iPad. Will ride more this week and if it stays good then the updates must of patched a issue somewhere!