Power, Cadence, Heart rate wrong in Companion [June 2022] [SOLVED]

Since yesterday the avg heart rate shown in the companion app is very low and wrong, it shows 15…, My highest heart rate is still correct.
But the graph still shows my normal results, only in top right on the graphpage it is wrong. ZP also shows normal values so i don’t know what wrong in the app.


Hi @Bart_Bike

As best I can tell, what you’ve reported is a known issue. I’ve gone ahead and added the bug report number to this Forums thread for added visibility.

this has been the case with me for a week.is there any development


Just got an update from the companion app.

Something has changed … BUT still bad …
You can now read 2 numbers … but not the 3rd number e.g. at the pulse, at the power values, etc.
Above is MAX → which is a short word and here if this moves to the right … left still an additional number has place.
The problem is that the German word average is very long. Despite the fact that the font size is now very small, this is still not enough for the 3rd number.
The best suggestion here was simply to take the international symbol for the average → Ø

This is not too complex and can’t be that hard … or ???


Hi all,

it works for me now…except the av. heart rate (Galaxy S20FE)

BR Sandro

Ooh, progress! The tiny font would allow one more way to fix this by splitting the word into two lines (finding the correct hyphenation points is left as an exercise to the developer)…

Great !!! Is now no longer usable even with English.

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Oh come on, there’s nothing wrong with bugs or regressions as long as they don’t stop Gerrie from riding or training. :rofl:

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Wow that is a low one. I did not say don’t fix bugs.

Well - at least there is some progress visible which looks promising :wink:
I do have the same issue with displaying the AVG heart rate, but in some activities it shows the correct value. It’s a bit confusing :crazy_face:

Average heart rate is broken. Activities only shows a 10th of the actual value. For example 16 instead of 164

It’s a known issue

It’s not wrong, just the last digit is missing because it’s getting truncated.

Not sure if this is the correct place to mention it, but can’t find what I think is an “appropriate” area, however in the last week or so there appears to have been a new bug introduced into the Companion App whereby the “Timeline” data for a given ride is showing vastly inaccurate values for both Power and Heart Rate Max/Avg info shown at the top of that screen even though the graph data below looks to be correct still.
For example in my last couple of races this section shows my “Max Heart Rate” as 17 and my “Average Heart Rate” as 16 - no, I’m not dying, my actual heart-rate was considerably higher and correctly displayed in the “Heart Rate Distribution” page.
Similarly my “Max Power” is showing as 30 and “Average Power” as 173 but the Power Distribution page looks to be correct.
It’s not a big thing since ZP seems to be processing the correct figures for races etc. but figured it needs reporting and resolving :+1:

I believe they are aware of this issue already and are working on it.

Its not wrong, only the last digit doesn’t get displayed. If font doesn’t match programmed space,then it’ll get truncated.

Has been like months for the German version of CA, so you’re welcome to raise awareness on that. ZHQ didn’t seem to take care of it or it has a super low priority.

Hey all - I’ve merged several different threads on this Companion app bug into this one. We’re working on it, and I’ll update this discussion when there’s progress to report.


Hi Shuji - the bug is fixed for me with the new version 3.37.0 in english and german - good work.

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