Companion App Timeline readings not accurate

Hi everyone,

Are you all using Android?

All fine on iOS?

Ok, so it’s not just the Android version.

I’m on a OnePlus Nord 2, on Android 11, on the latest Companion version and I’m not seeing this issue.

I’m using Android 12 and not seeing this.

Yup, no issues in iOS (at least with Companion language set as English).

I’ve just updated to the latest version of the app and it’s now happening to me too.


Probably related to trying to address these acknowledged issues.


I’m on Android Version 10. No other updates available for me. I’ve raised a support ticket with Zwift and liaising with them right now.

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James what did you update? Zwift or Zwift Companion and on what device?

Not sure. I’ve noticed it on Android. I don’t have iOS. It is OK on the Zwift website which is on my MacOS

Dave, I first noticed the inaccuracies on those I’m Following Timelines a couple of weeks ago and they still appear inaccurate. In fact ALL of my own activity Timelines are inaccurate way back to 2021. They were NOT like that previously.

I’ve just returned from a month off Zwift and did my first workout yesterday. My Timeline was inaccurate, as shown above.

I just updated the Companion App and the issue started happening.

They’re not inaccurate, it’s just the current version of the Companion app which isn’t displaying the numbers correctly. Those other threads suggest the devs have been trying to address the issue for some time.

Im running version 10 on a Samsung galaxy S9. Issue appeared for me sometime on 4/6/22. Like others say its not that the data is incorrect but just not displaying the numbers right. Thankfully its working fine on my ipad though

Dave yes, Zwift Support said they have received other reports and think it’s a bug. They are working on it.

oh. not just me then with tiny numbers. Android 12 on Samsung S20.

I was trying to find a thread for this but couldn’t find anything more recent than this thread. I’m still experiencing this issue on many of my recent activities. See a ride a just did for example: max cadence and average heart rate are truncated, although other values are fine:

I am on companion version 3.43.1 (1497), on Android 12. I have tried to clear application cache and data, to no avail.

Do you have the general text scaling on your phone set at something other than ‘normal’? I am wondering if there just isn’t enough room in the field for larger text.

I don’t think I do. I suppose it could be something like that - maybe something to do with specific numbers part of the font used? It’s not always the same values that don’t show correctly. Another ride I had a few days ago shows the average HR correctly, but the max is truncated:

Others are truncated differently. I’ve seen instances of the following values truncated:

  • 10X (100+)
  • 19X (190+)
  • 18X (180+)
  • 16X (160+)
    I also have some rides where everything is shown correctly, even if the values are within the ranges above. And yet other cases where both the max and average HR are truncated (say, 18 and 16). The max and average power always seems to be displayed correctly.

Also: moderators, I think this should go in bugs and support.

Already there …

Thanks, I didn’t find it!